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A website can be a hugely valuable asset to your company. It is like an online store-front for your business and gives your customers all the information they could need in order to work with you or buy your products. It is a powerful tool for communication through which you can easily connect with the world. There are no boundaries to what you can achieve with a website, and new developments are constantly hitting the marketplace.

In August 2016, it was the 25th anniversary of the first web page going live online. We have come a long way since these humble days, with now more than a billion unique host names in existence and over 250 million active websites. Yet despite such popularity, a shocking number of businesses – particularly small ones – don’t have their own website. It is estimated that within the US, there are roughly 14 million small businesses operating without an online site – that’s around 49% of American companies that have either ten employees or less.

In March 2017, it was revealed that in the UK, around 2 million SME businesses still don’t have a website. This could be costing them, according to Enterprise Management 360, around £343 billion per year. By introducing a website to their offering, however, this could equate to an average uplift of £173,769 in revenue for each business. For small businesses, they have the greatest potential to grow in revenue – by an estimated £106 billion each year for simply introducing an online site.

Along with those who have no internet presence, there are also a number of brands who have a sub-par website that isn’t operating effectively or persuasively. In some cases, a bad website can be just as problematic as having no website at all.

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The Key Benefits To Excellent Website Design

It is easier than ever before to build a website, so there really are no excuses. The internet holds a huge amount of influence, and therefore the key benefits to a website can be found in just the potential impact it can have on customers. It can convince them of your legitimacy, can give them the extra information they are looking for, or can draw them away from your competitors based on a better website alone. Through search engine optimisation, in which your site is packed with relevant keywords, your site can also be a powerful lead generator and a great way of driving traffic.

Another benefit to having a website is the ability to post content online that is relevant and engaging for your audience. This will help to build up a relationship with your customers as you educate and entertain them. Your content can be shared through social media, giving you an effective way to communicate. You can also add videos and imagery that will help people get to know you better.

A website is an easy and effective way to establish your branding and company voice. This can help to create a clear vision for your business and make you memorable to your audience. A well-designed website can be particularly powerful.

Additionally, a website is global – unlike a bricks-and-mortar store, which you must be able to visit locally. If you have an e-commerce store, you can suddenly open out your product offerings to hundreds upon thousands of people worldwide. This can increase your sales potential exponentially and significantly expand your market potential. It will enable you to carve out a place for yourself within the wider industry, establishing yourself as a leading brand contender.

Building An Excellent Website

When it comes to building your own business website, one of the key things to consider is budget. Many people opt for free online website tools. However, these lack the ability to create a high-functioning, truly bespoke site. You can easily get a cheap website design through using a web design agency. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to work with a web design company.

Through Cost Compare Limited, you can compare website design services and the best web design companies within the UK to find the right one for you. We can help you save up to 65%, as well as time and money searching for a web design company. We put you in touch with the most trusted companies and will find you a web design agency who can offer you proven results. It is easy and straightforward to find the best website design agencies on the market. All you have to do is complete our quick, no-obligation free form. You will then receive web design company quotes that you can compare, and which will eventually help you save money. Finding the best website design agencies is simple with our help!

We pride ourselves in helping you find web designers to suit your industry, with each web design agency offering a wide and valuable set of skills, in addition to finding you cheap website design. They will understand just how important it is for your customers to be able to locate you online and will begin the process of putting together either a large or small business website design. They will understand what it takes to help your business get onto Google, which will play a key role in how successful you are, all as part of the best website design guidelines. Ultimately, they will ensure you provide a good user experience. This will involve ensuring your site is mobile responsive, quick loading and high specification, all as part of an affordable and cheap website design.

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Keeping Visitors On Your Site With Excellent Web Design

When it comes to building a website and finding cheap website design, attracting visitors is only half the battle. Once they have landed on your site, it then comes down to getting them to stay there. People are hugely lacking in attention span these days, and being able to get even five minutes of their time can often be a push. There are some key things you can do to keep them from bouncing off your site:

  • Make it look visually engaging, without being too fussy or overzealous. It also needs to look professional to avoid seeming spammy or not trustworthy.
  • Be clear about what you do. Ensure your USP is clear from the outset.
  • Understand your target audience and tailor it to them – from your colour scheme to fonts, tone of voice to imagery. You need to speak to them directly.
  • Sometimes being simple can be more effective than complex graphics or state-of-the-art animation. Don’t lose your customer through trying to be too clever.
  • Ensure your site is running quickly and efficiently. People are busy. It needs to load quickly. If it is running slow, do a regular spring clean to find out what might be affecting it.
  • Make your site is mobile responsive so it is easy to use on a phone.
  • Check for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. These can send out the wrong signals. Studies have found that these alone can have a significant impact on whether people would use a company or trust them to provide a good service.
  • Keep the content fresh and updated.
  • Don’t overdo it with advertisements. These quickly switch people off.
  • Make it user-friendly with all the important information easy to find. This includes contact information, opening hours, prices and key names or products. Often being logical with your information works best. Don’t try to hide anything behind complex or creative page titles that don’t mean anything.
  • Have clear calls to action across your site to help drive customers into buying from you.

Website Design Pricing

The cost of building a website and finding website design pricing can vary dramatically depending on the scope of your vision and your budget. You could spend from £1,000 up to £20,000 and more. When comparing web design services, keep in mind that website design pricing can often match with quality. If something seems ridiculously cheap, on occasion it can be reflective of what you will get in return.

Look for website design pricing that seems in line with many other competitors, but then establish what it is that each company can do for you that no one else can. Ask to see examples of their previous work, and meet with them if possible to talk through your visions for the site. They will then be able to provide you with a much more bespoke quote and you’ll be able to commence work on your site.

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