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Since the beginning of time, companies have consistently and understandably sought out ways to lower their costs wherever possible. However, one expense that is definitely worth going the extra mile for is the supply of office water.

All places of employment are best advised to have at least one water cooler dispenser on their premises so that employees can rehydrate or simply cool down with a refreshing glass of water whenever they feel like it.

In an age where tea, coffee and energy drinks are being cited by people as a means of assistance to get them through the day, water is often overlooked in conversation.

Water Coolers Which Offer More Than Just A Drink

The reality is that human beings need water more than any other liquid or food to function on a daily basis. So a good rule of thumb is not to worry too much about the coffee maker until the water cooler is installed.

Seventy percent of our body is made up of water and, with that considered, its importance is quite clear. To remain focused during the day, and to carry out tasks to a satisfactory level, staying hydrated is key – you simply must get fluids into your system at regular intervals.

Water coolers are relatively inexpensive, with prices starting at around £100 and going up for higher-class variations.

Maintaining focus and mental clarity will only be possible when the body is sufficiently filled with fluid. Focus is rarely more important than in the workplace, and for that reason, it is imperative that a water cooling system is put in place by those in positions of influence in the company.

It is recommended by health professionals that every person should drink two litres of water every day. This is broken down into a more achievable target when considered as eight 250ml glasses of water over the course of a day.

This is only a base-level recommendation that will need to be increased when physical exertion is thrown into the equation, so installing an office water dispenser is a great choice for your office.

The benefits of drinking the right amount of water are endless. From aiding in digestion to assisting general health, the positives associated with H2O are so overwhelming that there is no excuse not to be getting your recommended daily intake.

Office Water Cooler

Stay Hydrated With Office Water Coolers

Unfortunately, many people don’t come close to reaching the recommended amount of daily water consumption. Whether we do or don’t drink enough water is not the responsibility of employers; they cannot physically take people to the office water dispenser and make them drink from it.

However, if fluid intake is limited because the workplace hasn’t been kitted out with a water dispenser, then company bosses are best advised to remedy this by ordering one and placing it in a position that is easily accessible for all, like the office canteen. Water coolers also have positive connotations for building staff morale. They call it “water cooler dispenser conversation” for a reason.

It is incumbent on employers to provide safe and refreshing drinking water for all of their employees. When installing a water cooler into your premises, there are a number of things to consider.

What Does Your Water Machine Say About Your Company?

First of all, water coolers come in a number of variations and the more high-spec you go, the more it appears that you care about your employees and want to make sure that they are constantly hydrated.

A company’s wish to ensure that their staff members remain hydrated should not solely be rooted in a desire to witness greater productivity on the office floor. In the same way that all staff members should be provided with the relevant facilities and equipment with which to carry out their daily tasks at work, they must also be looked after in the most basic sense too. This includes the provision of clean and functioning toilets, optimum office temperature and a supply of drinking water. Once installed, a water cooler is largely self-sufficient and requires minimal maintenance.

Offices aren’t the only work places that will benefit from the installation of a water machine on the premises.

Thirsty Work Calls For A Nearby Water Supply

People who work in the construction industry, be it tradespeople or manual labourers, need water to be easily accessible even more so than office staff do.

With many jobs on construction sites being physically demanding and causing workers to perspire constantly throughout the day, it is crucial that they are in close proximity to a water source to keep them hydrated and not feeling parched.

Project managers owe it to every single employee under their supervision to ensure that a source of drinking water is freely available and in close proximity to the main hive of activity. The best solution for a hydration source on a building site is to have a water cooler dispenser installed in a prefab or makeshift office.

No employees should be expected to buy water to hydrate themselves throughout the working day. This should be provided for them, no questions asked.

The Original Water Dispenser

Wall-mounted water coolers – often referred to as water fountains – have become old-fashioned in their look as more modern looking alternatives have come on stream. Their silver, metal appearance and means of spraying out water have their origins in a different era.

With all of that said, wall-mounted water dispensers still very much have their place in the world today. It is more likely that they will be seen in places of a more public nature, like schools, libraries, gymnasiums and community halls, for use by the masses.

Business Office water cooler

A More Modern, Employee-Friendly Solution

Mains water coolers are generally more appealing to the eye than wall-mounted dispensers, although the source of the water largely comes from a similar supply.

However, mains water coolers are a big upgrade on wall-mounted alternatives as they are often fitted with a filtration system. They are also an improvement on old-fashioned water fountains as they generally offer a couple of different temperature options – room temperature and chilled.

Despite a person’s natural inclination to pour from the chilled water tap when thirsty, studies suggest that room temperature water is a better option and can play a key role in colon health as well as keeping you regular.

By going to the relatively small expense of installing a mains water cooler in the office, companies will be ridding themselves of the heartache and hassle associated with an unhappy workforce who don’t appreciate having to use a conventional tap for their hydration needs.

Impress Your Staff With A Water Cooling System

Bottled office water coolers are an absolute winner of an option. If employers are in a position to install one at their premises, they should do so without giving it a second thought.

Providing your staff with fresh water from a giant bottle that is placed on top of the water dispenser unit is a way of adding a touch of class to the office while making staff feel more appreciated. Companies can also have a bit of fun with bottled water coolers, by experimenting with nondescript drinking water as well as branded spring water. Notice how the spring water is a big hit with the staff via your office water coolers.

Good staff that a company can rely upon are difficult to come by. Company bosses should have the right provisions in place to ensure that their staff are in a happy frame of mind for the duration of the working day. And while installation of a water cooling system is a basic enough expectation, failure to have one will be noticed too.

In return for installing a water cooler – preferably a bottled one which produces spring water – company bosses will be treated to a workforce that is hydrated, healthy and focused. Install that office water dispenser today, if you haven’t already and compare the prices of office water coolers with us.