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Finding a VOIP phone to best match your business’ requirements, from a range of some of the UK’s best VOIP providers. can be a daunting task. To save you time and money, here at Cost Compare Limited, not only are we providing you with all of the information that you require below to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a VOIP phone service, but we can also provide you with the most affordable prices to help you match your budget. Save time and money with Cost Compare Limited today.

What Is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The basic premise of VOIP is that it allows you to make free, or very low-cost calls over the internet.

The traditional phone call is completed by circuit switching, using a physical exchange in order to connect two calls together. A VOIP phone call is completed using packet switching which essentially uses a data network (over the Internet) to connect one caller to another.

Such are the advancements in technology, that the once tricky practice of achieving a high-quality call over the Internet has now been mastered to the point where there is very little discernible difference between a VOIP call and a traditional telephone call. There are also far more reliable and guaranteed broadband connections available, ensuring that VOIP can be utilised at all times.

There are many VOIP service providers on the market today, some providing a virtually free service that simply encompasses calls between VOIP phones and other providers who offer differing VOIP setups, dependent on the complexity of your requirements.

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What Are The Benefits Of Employing A VOIP Phone Service?

Clearly, the most beneficial aspect of a VOIP phone service is that it offers significantly cheaper calls than traditional land-lines. For certain VOIP providers, this also includes free international calls. For businesses that rely on a significant amount of outgoing calls, this can have a positive impact on the ongoing costs to the business. The fact that VOIP calls to other VOIP phone systems are free makes them particularly advantageous to those businesses with multiple sites.

A VOIP phone service also provides flexibility and room to grow. Traditional phone systems often have lines which are unused; that means businesses are spending money on phone lines that are doing nothing. With a VOIP service for your business, you can add and remove a user with ease, or even reassign a line to a new employee. This means that VOIP systems can also accommodate growth within your business with ease.

There is also an additional cost benefit in the fact that a VOIP phone system does not require constant (and often costly) regular maintenance, should things go wrong. Maintenance contracts can often be expensive, and call-out fees alone can add up to significant amounts. VOIP systems do not require in-depth technical knowledge and can be setup by a non-expert very simply and quickly. The only consideration with a VOIP phone service is maintaining a reliable broadband connection.

Another major advantage of VOIP systems is the fact that you are not restricted to making and receiving calls from one location. Because a VOIP phone service is hosted over the Internet, your service can be accessed from anywhere. This is of huge benefit to businesses, as it means that they can use the same number from numerous locations and ensures full portability of the service. It also gives huge flexibility, as it enables individuals to take calls from one number, no matter where they are in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. This is of huge advantage if your business employs a flexible working policy, as it means that staff can be connected to the office without being physically present.

Additionally, a VOIP service provides you with the potential to use non-geographical numbers. Non-geographical numbers enable your business to have a national or international presence without the requirement of a base in that area. This has the advantage of providing a local area dial code number so that your company can offer a service into potentially untapped geographical areas. They can also be used to assess the success of different marketing campaigns. Attributing a specific number to a specific marketing campaign enables you to evaluate which messages gain a response and which do not.

Due to their hosted nature, VOIP systems also enable a significant amount of additional functionality including video conferencing, instant messaging and phone presence, to see who is available within your system to answer. There are also possibilities to have voicemail delivered by email, a click-to-call function available on computers and buttons integrated within email signatures or on websites to make calls. All of this adds up to increased productivity within a business, because the additional functionality enables staff to work smarter and also save time on otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Many VOIP providers also offer a user interface with the VOIP telephone itself so that users can take full control of the platform, changing features, options, and services without too much difficulty. Additionally, many VOIP providers can assist you with linking into existing business systems such as Outlook or your CRM platform. As a business, this means that you do not have the requirement of a full-time telecommunications specialist or contractor, as changes can be made simply and easily with little or no training.

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Considerations When Choosing A VOIP Provider

Before choosing a VOIP provider, you first need to consider whether your broadband connection is sufficient and reliable enough to handle the number of calls you are looking to make. In most cases, a high-speed connection or FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) connection is sufficient. Should your business be more reliant on outgoing calls, or make them in significant volume, then it may be worth considering a leased broadband line that will give you guaranteed upload and download speeds, and also means that you are the sole user of this line. This will give you more of a guarantee that your business will not suffer at peak access times.

Then, you must consider which features you require for your VOIP service. Does your business, for instance, require international calls, as sometimes these can be charged additionally? Many of the leading VOIP providers can provide you with a bespoke package to fit your business, so it’s important to consider what additional functionality you need, or would benefit from. There is no point paying for additional applications that are not needed.

You’ll also need to consider a VOIP provider who offers first-class customer service, should you require it, and also a service that guarantees near-zero downtime. The best VOIP service providers offer 24/7 support so that your business does not suffer should you encounter an issue. Considerations should also be made as to how secure your lines are, so you can avoid potentially damaging hackers accessing your system.

Finally, you need to consider what additional equipment you might need in order to implement your VOIP system. Could you simply attach a headset to your PCs, or would you require an adapter for your existing fixed line hardware? You can also consider buying or leasing specialist VOIP phones, but you need to carefully understand your VOIP providers terms when buying or leasing equipment. At Cost Compare Limited, we make the entire process of obtaining a VOIP telephone as simple as possible to ensure you’re saving time and money at all times.

How To Choose A VOIP Provider

There are so many VOIP service packages available on the market that it is often difficult to decide exactly which provider and package can suit your needs. Although you are virtually guaranteed lower call rates, it is the hidden costs that need consideration. At Cost Compare Limited, we realise that your phone system is the cornerstone of your business, and so getting the right provider at the right price is of paramount importance.

That’s why we offer a service to compare VOIP providers for you, enabling you to make an informed decision on the right provider in terms of both functionality and price. This will save you significant time and money by offering suggested providers who fit your needs exactly. So, why not use Cost Compare Limited today and find your preferred VOIP telephone service provider?