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In order to fully engage with their prospective customer base, businesses must use various forms of advertising and marketing. Video marketing and video production, however, has proven to be particularly successful and is often employed by companies that want to attract new business or engage with existing clients and customers.

Appropriate for both B2B and B2C focused businesses, corporate video production enables companies to disseminate information, increase brand awareness and launch new products and services.

Working With A Media Production Company

Of course, producing effective marketing videos is not an easy process. Video production companies tend to have a range of professionals who work together in order to produce effective business marketing content, and finding a media production company to provide you with all of the services that you need at a rate that suits your budget can be difficult.

A cameraman or woman may be used to filming the video, for example, while sound and lighting engineers will deal with the visual aspect of the presentation. In addition to this, scriptwriters, designers and directors will work with businesses to create appropriate concepts and ideas. Some video production companies are able to provide all of this at an affordable cost, in order to meet your budget.

The range of expertise required to produce successful video production marketing cannot be underestimated and it is often advantageous for companies to work with a reputable media production company when producing this type of material.

Furthermore, a large amount of equipment may be needed in order to produce your marketing videos. While most businesses do not have access to this information in-house, working with a specialist corporate video production company will ensure that your marketing material can be filmed and edited using the appropriate equipment.

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What Type Of Video Marketing Works For Businesses?

Companies can use corporate video production to engage with their target audience in various ways. Traditionally, most businesses worked with film production companies in order to produce television adverts. These types of adverts are still effective and can reach millions of people each time they’re shown.

Due to this, you may want to engage with a commercial video production company. In addition to filming, producing and editing your adverts, they can provide ideas and inspiration when it comes to the content of your videos. Experienced advertising professionals are well-versed in what concepts transfer well to the small screen and their expertise could help to ensure that you produce a successful advert for your business.

While TV advertisements are obviously intended for an external audience, businesses may need to produce in-house marketing content as well, in the form of commercial video production. Training videos aimed at new recruits, for example, are often produced in order to provide information and enhance the brand image. Successfully motivating new and existing employees via video marketing and commercial video production can be effective and also provides a cost-effective way to achieve business objectives.

Online Video Production

Of course, the rise of the internet means that video marketing is now used online as well. In fact, many experts estimated that video marketing accounts for a significant amount of consumer traffic.

With numerous video sharing sites available and the ability to share video content via social media, many people are receptive to online video marketing and it can, therefore, provide significant returns for businesses. Indeed, with many people now able to access high speed internet connectivity on static and mobile devices, the reach of video marketing is higher than ever.

When producing video marketing content for online use, businesses can take a varied approach. Some videos may be focused on more serious industry topics, whereas others may inject humour into the script.

Videos may show how certain products can be used, for example, or B2B companies may provide business insights and sector specific news. Often, companies use existing customers in their videos, as this can be an ideal way to highlight key aspects of their products and services. In addition to having a positive effect on viewers, using customers in your marketing videos also increases brand loyalty and encourages customers to engage with your business on an on-going basis.

Boosting Your SEO With Video Marketing

When you work with a media production company to produce marketing videos, they are often effective in their own right. In fact, a video production company can help you to increase your revenue significantly, as a result of well-targeted videos. Landing pages, for example, have a far higher conversion rate if they feature videos.

Video marketing can have additional benefits, however, and it can be used to increase your SEO rankings. With your SEO ranking determining where the company website appears on search engine results pages, this can be extremely advantageous.

By hosting your marketing video on your own domain before it is shared and enabling embedding, you can increase the number of incoming links the site receives. Businesses can also use video sitemaps to make sure search engines are aware of their video content. This, in addition to tagging the video with relevant keywords, will ensure that your video marketing has a positive impact on your SEO and, therefore, increases the impact and effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Creating Viral Videos With Effective Video Production

Often seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of video marketing, many companies hope to produce a video which goes viral. Generally, these videos spread rapidly and are shared by thousands, or millions, of internet users. As a result, companies benefit from increased brand awareness, higher sales and a much larger market share.

However, producing a viral video is not straightforward and there is certainly an art to creating highly shareable video content. Creating original and unique content is key to increasing the visibility of your marketing videos. Providing something new and interesting via video means that users are more likely to share it and this could lead to your video reaching a significant number of people.

While companies shouldn’t necessarily aim to create viral videos, working with experienced film production companies and video marketing firms could increase your chances of producing engaging, shareable content and, therefore, launching a video which goes viral.

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Getting The Most From Mobile Video Marketing

In addition to watching marketing videos on laptops and desktop PCs, many people use a range of devices, such as tablets and mobile phones when watching this type of content. It’s vital for businesses to take this into account and use responsive web design to deliver accessibly mobile content, and this should also be considered when making your videos available.

Ensuring that your content can be accessed easily is vital to it reaching your target audience. Featuring common forms of playback software, for example, will prevent users from having to download additional software or codecs and should increase the number of people who watch your content.

In addition to this, it’s important to remember that many users may be viewing your videos on a relatively small screen. Creating content which is aesthetically pleasing on both large desktop screens and small phone screens should increase the reach of your videos.

Launching Effective Marketing Videos

When it comes to creating an effective marketing video, you’ll want to grab the user’s attention quickly. People may abandon a video within 10 seconds if it doesn’t seem relevant or interesting, so it’s vital that the first few seconds of your content is engaging.

Regardless of what industry you operate in, it’s important that your video marketing is shareable and actionable. Whether you want to encourage users to make a purchase, sign up to your online newsletter or register with your website, there should be a clear aim to your marketing activity.

Not only will this affect the development of the video, it will also provide measurable results which you can use to determine the efficacy of your marketing activity and campaigns. While you may receive increased web traffic as a result of your videos, the only way to truly measure their success is to monitor the impact they have and analyse the results in reference to the objectives you set.

By doing this, businesses can successfully achieve their aims and refine future video content in order to improve the results even further.

Video marketing can be highly effective, but you may need expert assistance in order to achieve the results you’re aiming for. Working with video production companies which specialise in the type of films you want to make or using media production firms which understand your industry and business can lead to a productive working relationship. In fact, companies which make use of experienced media producers are likely to benefit from a significant return on their investment and increased business success.