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Vehicles are an expensive asset for your business, so it makes sense to know where your vehicles are, what condition they are in, and what they are currently doing.

A vehicle tracking system can help you to know these things, while also providing you with critical data which can be used to both cut costs – such as finding more efficient routes to save on fuel – and make more accurate predictions for future costs, such as fuel and maintenance.

What Is A Vehicle Tracker?

A vehicle tracking device is a small box which normally fits into a port, mounted under the dashboard of your vehicle, which collects information about the vehicle, so you can access that information from a dashboard – often web based – and use it to make decisions about the management of your staff and fleet, often in ways which can save both money and time.

Information collected – or calculated – can include things such as your vehicles location (as determined by GPS satellites), the speed your vehicle is travelling at, the voltage of the vehicles battery, as well as detecting behaviours such as speeding, idling and hard brakes which may require disciplinary action or management follow up. A car tracking system  can collect all of this information quickly and easily.

Better vehicle tracking systems will often have more advanced features, such as more accurate location data or better dashboards, with support for easy access from both computers and mobile devices, allowing you to manage your staff and fleet from wherever you happen to be.

Some high-end systems even allow two-way communication between you and your drivers, allowing you to modify driver behaviour in real time with minimum fuss and so helping to give you some peace of mind.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Benefits Of Car Tracking Devices

– Save money on fuel costs

Knowing the routes your staff are taking also means you can check to see whether there are more efficient routes that they could take via a car tracking device. Some of the best tracking devices for cars will allow you to do this from within their dashboard, with automated help in both designing and improving routes, saving you money and your staff time.

– Improve your green credentials

Even better than just saving money, this can help your business become more environmentally friendly, which is both good for marketing and for the future of our planet. Green business is in fashion and good vehicle tracks help keep your business green.

– Know when to perform vehicle maintenance

Knowing how many miles your vehicle has travelled allows you to estimate better when it will need serviced. Some car tracking systems even provide automated alerts for when a vehicle has reached a set number of miles, allowing you to book it in for some maintenance.

Being able to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance in this way can help you to save money in the long run, by preventing larger vehicle failures which are most costly to fix or which lead to the expensive need to buy a replacement vehicle, and can all be monitored effectively when you implement a car tracking device amongst your fleet.

– Driver behaviour reporting, such as speeding, idling and hard brakes

If one of your drivers are behaving badly, you need to know, and a car tracking system  can provide you with this information. Bad drivers can harm your businesses reputation as well as its profitability, whether through damaged vehicles, excessive fuel consumption, higher insurance premiums or fines.

Many vehicle tracking systems can send you driver behaviour reports, allowing you to know when one of your drivers need to be called in for a friendly chat, or given a verbal warning.

– Give customers arrival time estimates

Some tracking devices for cars can help you to know the speed and location of your vehicle, particularly if your business is in delivery. This information can help you to predict when a customer’s delivery will arrive. Some fleet tracking systems are so good that they can even allow your clients to access this information online for themselves, but if someone is calling wanting to know where their delivery is, it is always a good thing to be able to give them an accurate prediction, helping to improve customer satisfaction and customer reorder rates.

– Detect odd usage hours

Among the automated alerts you can set up, a vehicle tracking system is also able to provide the ability to alert you when a vehicle from your fleet is registering odd usage hours, suggesting that either a member of your staff is using a vehicle for personal transportation without permission or that your vehicle could have been stolen.

These alerts can help to keep you on top of managing fleet tracking, dealing with any problems that may arise.

– Track a stolen vehicle

Should the worst happen and one of your vehicles gets stolen, being able to track its location is a very useful ability, helping to get your vehicle back as soon as possible by empowering law enforcement professionals with the information they need to deal with your case.

– Track vehicle mileage

Being able to track your vehicle mileage can help you with calculating fuel costs. Alongside location data, this also allows you to calculate which fuel costs should be paid by your business, and which by your driver for personal journeys.

Modern businesses rely on good financial forecasting and precision. These systems can help to give you that.

– Detect a low battery

If the battery in one of your vehicles is starting to run though, you want to know about it. Many vehicle trackers can monitor the voltage level of your battery and alert you the second that something starts to look wrong, allowing you to take the appropriate action to rectify the situation and solve potential problems (such as a car in your fleet having broken down) before they arise. You can implement entire fleet tracking on some vehicle tracking device systems, meaning you are always fully aware of any issues in relation to battery.

– More productive employees

When your employees know they are being tracked, they are likely to work more productively and actively work to improve their own working habits. This could be a great boost to your business productivity at a very low and manageable cost.

– Less potential collisions

Implementing a vehicle tracking device also allows you to make sure none of your drivers are driving for longer than the legal limits, saving you money by helping to avoid accidents while also helping to protect your staff, who are the most valuable assets in nearly any business.

Staff who are not overworked are also more likely to be productive, tying in to the last point.

– Maximise vehicle utilisation

Among the things you may discover by having more data as a result of fleet tracking, is that some of your vehicles are being underutilised. A useful thing to know as it can help you both take better advantage of your business’s assets, as well as prevent any unnecessary purchases of additional assets if existing assets can instead be better utilised.

– Management back in the driving seat

With the right vehicle management system, you can put management back in the driver seat, with the right information available at the right time to make better decisions for your business, including better management of both your vehicles and your drivers, making your business work harder, faster and smarter, hopefully leading to higher profits and less fuss.

Where Can You Get A Vehicle Tracker?

If you think vehicle trackers are something that could be of use to your business, there are many options available out there to suit a variety of needs and price points.

If you want the best deal for your business on vehicle tracks, call Cost Compare Limited. We compare options from a wide database of the UK’s most trusted and reputable service/product providers, to find the best tracking devices for cars which are best suited to your business needs.

Getting started is as simple as completing one of our easy forms, receiving a response from Cost Compare Limited, finding a vehicle tracking service that fulfils your needs and then enjoy the peace of mind that you are able to implement vehicle tracks that work for you.