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In order for businesses to gain customers and clients, they need to advertise and market their services or products. By doing so, they can ensure that their target audience is aware of the service they provide or the goods they sell, as well as the business’s USPs.

Although marketing comes in various forms, telemarketing is particularly effective for both B2B and B2C businesses. Enabling businesses to talk directly to potential clients and customers helps to establish their business presence and can lead to immediate sales, as well as long-term business relationships.

Securing Business Via Telemarketing

Also known as telesales, phone marketing is often carried out with the objective of closing a sale or confirming a business transaction. Whilst previous marketing activities may precede a telemarketing campaign, businesses are able to confirm interest from the subject, sell their product or service and retain the subject’s custom.

Clearly, closing a sale and encouraging repeat business via just one phone call is extremely advantageous. It provides a significant return on investment, meaning telemarketing can be a cost-effective form of marketing for businesses.

Of course, not all services and products are suited to being sold in just one call. In many cases, telemarketing is used to create business opportunities and introduce companies.

B2B companies, for example, may conduct a telemarketing campaign in order to speak with relevant personnel in other organisations. By introducing their company, a telemarketing agent can establish the needs of the target company and ensure they are aware of the services they provide.

Often, this is followed by an additional call at a later date, alongside alternative marketing materials and preliminary quotes or estimates. Using targeted email marketing after establishing interest via telemarketing is generally a good way for businesses to maintain contact with their core audience and facilitates communication between the two parties.

The same approach can be carried out via B2C companies also. Depending on the nature of the product or service provided, potential customers may require a face-to-face appointment before a quote can be provided. Telemarketing can be used to qualify a lead and secure interest so that sales staff can continue the sales process once they are able to meet with the potential customer.

Qualifying interest via telemarketing can also save the business costs in other areas. Carrying out face-to-face appointments or home visits on unqualified B2C leads can be expensive and use significant company resources, for example. Using telemarketing services to qualify a lead prior to investing additional resources ensures that company revenue isn’t wasted and that resources aren’t used unnecessarily.

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Working With Lead Generation Companies

If your company’s objective is to create business opportunities within the hospitality industry, for example, you may use lead generation companies to carry out a telemarketing campaign. By contacting hotels and venues you wish to do business with, experienced telemarketers can introduce your business and generate reliable leads.

In many cases, it’s appropriate for businesses to outsource this work to lead generation marketing companies. As there may be thousands of prospective targets to call, it can be extremely time-consuming to try and manage this type of lead generation marketing in-house.

Furthermore, lead generation companies have significant experience in this area and understand how to qualify leads and present your business in an appropriate way.

Working with established telemarketing companies also ensures that your campaigns are carried out professionally and legally. There are various regulations which telemarketers must abide by and lead generation companies are obviously familiar with the relevant guidelines. When conducting a telemarketing campaign, for example, a phone number must be visible to the recipient. Rather than calling from an unknown number, for example, telemarketers must display a number before attempting to contact a potential client or customer.

Similarly, B2B data must be checked against a CTPS system, whilst B2C should be screened under a TPS system. Companies or individuals which have signed up to the CTPS and TPS systems have expressed not to be contacted by firms and doing so could result in your business being fined.

When you work with professional lead generation marketing companies, they can ensure that data is screened appropriately and that potential targets can be contacted, without the business facing sanctions.

Choosing The Right Data

Another advantage of working with experienced telemarketing companies is the amount of data you’re able to access. Whilst you may want to target companies in the hospitality industry, professional telemarketers can help you to obtain data which is most likely to feature receptive companies.

If you’re offering luxury pool installations to hotels, for example, you may want to focus your telemarketing towards certain types of hotels. By adding criteria to your data selection, you could ensure that you’re able to target hotels in specific locations, with a minimum revenue amount or venues with a certain amount of space on their land.

By selecting appropriate data and adding relevant criteria, you can ensure that your telemarketing activity targets subjects which are most likely to use your services and increase the efficacy of your campaigns. With criteria applicable to every industry or consumer base, you can access refined data for whatever type of campaign you want to carry out.

Furthermore, when you work with a telemarketing company, the cost of purchasing data can be built into the overall cost of the campaign, thus reducing your outgoings further.

Data Cleansing With Telemarketing Companies

Although many firms use lead generation companies to target new clients or customers, you can also use telemarketing to connect with your existing clientele. Generally, it is easier to persuade an existing customer to make a repeat purchase than it is to attract new customers, so it’s certainly worth carrying out marketing activities aimed at existing purchasers.

Whilst doing so, your telemarketers can also update customer information and, therefore, cleanse your existing data. Whilst sales clearly increase business revenue, gathering data is also beneficial to businesses and it can boost profits in the long term. Ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date customer information on file can be a useful by-product of an established telemarketing campaign.

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Ensuring Data Security When Using Telemarketing

Whether you’re targeting businesses or consumers, it’s vital that data is stored securely. In addition to this, if data is being sent electronically to telemarketers, it’s important that security concerns are taken into account when data is being transported.

Using unique passwords to secure data files or only using secure cloud-based systems to transfer documents, for example, can help to ensure privacy and protect the integrity of your data.

As many telemarketing firms have existing data management systems in place, working with a lead generation company can provide peace of mind when it comes to data security, as well as enviable campaign results.

Fulfilling Your Business Needs With Lead Generation

Using a reputable lead generation company ensures that you’re able to liaise with potential clients and customers on a regular basis. Whilst many businesses use telemarketing firms to carry out marketing activities in the UK, you can also conduct global telemarketing campaigns.

The availability of online communications means that it’s viable for telemarketers to contact businesses and consumers across the globe. Using VoiP systems, for example, ensures that marketers can speak with potential targets in any country at a relatively low cost.

If your company currently offers global services or plans to do so, carrying out an international campaign with help from a telemarketing company could be extremely beneficial.

Although many businesses invest heavily in online marketing, the benefits associated with telemarketing should not be ignored. Whilst lead generation campaigns can be extremely successful in their own right, they may achieve even better results when carried out in conjunction with other forms of marketing.

Accessing advice from telemarketing companies and working with reputable lead generation firms ensures that you can create an effective and cohesive marketing strategy. As a result, your company can benefit from increased brand awareness, higher sales and a bigger market share, as well as increased turnover and larger profit margins.

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