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For individuals, the project management industry offers a varied and rewarding career. With the opportunity to work for numerous companies across a variety of sectors, individuals can choose to specialise in specific areas or provide project management services across a broad spectrum.

Businesses, on the other hand, can benefit from training existing staff in project management or hiring experienced project managers. While not all companies require an in-house project manager, they can outsource their needs to individual consultants and project managers as required.

What Is Project Management?

Project management courses enable individuals to hone their skills and teach them how to effectively manage projects within a business environment. Most companies will go through periods of adjustment and may need to make in-house changes. Generally, these are referred to as projects and they require in-depth planning, monitoring and assessment in order to be successful.

By identifying the objectives of your business, a project manager can facilitate the changes you want to make, in accordance with an agreed timescale and budget.

If a company is installing a new IT system, for example, they may require a project manager to facilitate the installation of new equipment, training staff to use new software and the safe disposal of existing IT hardware.

Alternatively, if a business wants to launch a new product or service, they may require the services of a project manager in order to bring the plan to fruition.

Successful projects have the ability to turn small businesses into global corporations and increase profits significantly, but poorly managed projects can also have the opposite effect. By using the services of an experienced project manager, companies can ensure that their objectives are met and that the business benefits accordingly.

Prince2 Project Management

Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2

In order to become an effective project manager, candidates must undergo specific training and obtain relevant qualifications. PRINCE2, for example, is a structured project management methodology which managers can use to implement new projects.

Using the core framework of PRINCE2, project managers plan, implement and monitor projects according to seven principles, seven themes and seven processes. As this framework can be applied to any project in any industry, a PRINCE2 qualification is beneficial for employees working in any sector. Indeed, the varied applications of PRINCE2 ensure that these types of project management courses prepare candidates for work in any environment.

While managers may take ownership of a project, they usually work alongside other employees. A PRINCE2 course will ensure that project managers are able to manage project teams effectively and liaise with upper management when authorisation is required.

In addition to this, project management PRINCE2 courses place significant emphasis on the planning of a project, as well as the implementation and closing. Key elements of PRINCE2 certification include recognising the project environment and identifying potential risks.

While businesses may be clear about their objectives, they may have discounted the risks of a particular project. An experienced manager, however, will use the PRINCE2 framework to assess what risks are likely to occur, how these can be avoided and, if necessary, how the project can be modified to improve results.

In some cases, this element of a PRINCE2 certification can save businesses from financial losses and unfavourable PR. Forging ahead with a project without proper risk-analysis or research can be catastrophic for companies but, using a qualified PRINCE2 project manager can ensure that all preliminary work is carried out and potential risks are negated wherever possible.

Project Management Qualifications UK

A PRINCE2 qualification is highly regarded in the United Kingdom and is recognised by businesses in the private sector, as well as government run organisations. In fact, PRINCE2 is recognised by the government as the standard for project management.

Due to this, many companies in the UK are keen to hire experienced project managers who have PRINCE2 certification. Fortunately, finding project management qualifications UK is simple with Cost Compare Limited.

Once candidates have successfully completed a project management PRINCE2 course, however, they have the option to work overseas, if they choose to do so. PRINCE2 qualifications are not only revered in the UK, they are recognised internationally as well.

Should project managers want to take a full-time position abroad or travel to different countries in order to complete projects, a PRINCE2 certification could certainly enable them to do this. With many businesses requesting that project management applicants have a PRINCE2 qualification, undertaking a project management PRINCE2 course can provide numerous career opportunities.

Studying Project Management PRINCE2

Although PRINCE2 training provides candidates with a structured management framework, there are actually a number of courses which can be undertaken. The PRINCE2 Foundation course, for example, is appropriate for candidates who wish to develop project management skills and understand the methodology of PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is often taken by PRINCE2 Foundation graduates and places a heavy emphasis on running and managing a project in accordance with PRINCE2 principles. Enabling students to learn more about the PRINCE2 environment, PRINCE2 Practitioner graduates may feel more confident about using their skills in a real life business setting.

While both project management qualifications UK offer significant skills and training, candidates who undertake both PRINCE2 project management courses are likely to be favoured by businesses. The in-depth training provided by both courses ensures that candidates have a theoretical knowledge of the PRINCE2 framework, as well as the ability to implement it in a business environment. As a result, it is candidates with both qualifications who often find it easier to secure work as a project manager.

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Choosing Project Management Courses

When selecting a project management course, candidates and companies should look at the course provider and examination body. There may be a variety of project management courses available in the UK, so it’s important to find out which are most recognised by professional bodies and businesses. With most companies valuing PRINCE2 qualifications, this can be the best choice for project management applicants.

Of course, there are other things to take into account if you’re considering committing to further project management qualifications UK. Obtaining a professional qualification can be time-consuming so you’ll need to ensure that your course provider facilitates flexible study.

You may want to find a course provider who offers PRINCE2 training at a location near you, for example. Alternatively, if you prefer online learning, you may want to undertake a virtual course. While you may be keen to obtain your PRINCE2 qualification as quickly as possible, it’s important that you take the time to gain the most benefit from your studies.

Choosing the right delivery method for you will ensure that you have enough time to process the materials and should increase your chances of passing the PRINCE2 exams on the first attempt.

Furthering Careers With PRINCE2

When selecting a PRINCE2 course provider, you may also want to take a look at the calibre of the teachers and the support you’re offered. Some providers will offer feedback sessions and mock exams, but not all will and this could limit your success. Studying with a well-known and established PRINCE2 course provider, however, will give you the opportunity to fully engage with the course materials and enable you to implement the PRINCE2 framework in any setting.

Although businesses may finance PRINCE2 training and qualifications for existing employees, many individuals choose to embark on a PRINCE2 course without funding. While this does mean that PRINCE2 students will be required to pay for their training and course materials, this outlay is relatively low, particularly in reference to the financial returns a PRINCE2 qualification can bring.

With successful PRINCE2 course graduates able to apply for promotions and new job opportunities, many PRINCE2 certified project managers are able to attain higher salaries and more attractive remuneration packages. As most companies and businesses rely on project managers at some time or another, there is also a relatively high amount of job opportunities available.

With the chance to specialise in a certain sector, the option to work for state-run or private organisations and the presence of a clear career path, a PRINCE2 project management qualification provides numerous benefits. Furthermore, companies which hire a PRINCE2 certified manager or outsource their requirements to a PRINCE2 qualified consultant can ensure that their projects are run effectively and that their business aims are realised.