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The decision to move office is one that needs a lot of planning and can be necessary for a number of different reasons; your lease may be approaching its renewal date or you might just be looking for a brand-new space. Although it may seem daunting, we have compiled some top tips for moving your office in 2019, so you can move with ease and less stress.

Oversee The Move

Overseeing the move is crucial to ensure that everything is packed and moved accordingly, without any breakages. By assigning someone the job of overseeing the move, you can make sure that it will be successful and is on schedule, as well as not exceeding the budget. This is vital as this could end up costing your company a significant amount of money if a budget is not put in place and carefully watched.

Organise The Moving Company In Advance

By organising the moving company in advance, you don’t have to worry about not having a moving company on the day that you move. If you book your moving company for mid-week, you can save yourself money. Before booking your moving company whether it is for an international move or a national move, it is vital to shop around for the very best moving company available. It is not all about the price, it’s about the reviews and overall ratings. If they are bad then don’t opt for them as this could end up costing you more money in the long term, as they are more likely to break or damage some of your belongings.

Label Everything

It is incredibly important that you label all the boxes so that you know where each of your belongings is when you arrive at your new office. By having labelled boxes, your move will be seamless, as any high-priced items that are fragile can be recognised and looked after. What’s more, by keeping items that are similar to one another, it will help items to be unpacked quickly and together. This is particularly useful if you are packing and unpacking office equipment, as you can put each computer as well as the wire and the monitors in the same box. This will then help to speed up the unpacking process in the new office and ensure that none of the equipment is left behind.

Stay Organised

Organisation is key to ensuring that the whole move goes as planned. If you aren’t organised then not only will you run the risk of your items being broken or getting lost during the move, but you could also face falling behind on plans. This can end up being a huge problem, especially if the move takes longer than expected, as this can lead to downtime for your business. What’s more, this can lose you money in the long term and present financial problems for that month.

So, whether you are looking to move office within the next few months, or in the near future, take these top tips into consideration and you are sure to have a successful move.

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