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When looking to move a business abroad, the destination of choice is everything and can make or break the expanding business. It is therefore important to ensure that any company picks their destination wisely and ensures that they are doing everything properly. International removals can make the entire process seamless, but without an ideal destination in mind that will actually benefit the company, this could be pointless. Here, we’re exploring the top cities in the world to move an office abroad.

London, England

London is not only the central business hub within the United Kingdom but is one of the top hubs in the world. All major businesses within the UK have an office here which is often the headquarters for the entire company. This is beneficial for businessmen and women in particular who are travelling for business, as it has direct transport and business links to the rest of the world, which is not only beneficial for a daily commute but for communications also. To truly make the move worthwhile, there are a number of major banks centred here, helping to give London its status as one of the main influential powers of the world and making it an ideal destination for a central office of any company.

Paris, France

Paris is easily one of the main locations that prove time and time again to be beneficial for companies looking to expand. Not only is the city filled with amazing views and culture to make any business day worthwhile, but the business park, in particular, has strong connections to the rest of Europe and the world. As any business owner will tell you, connections are important and so the ease of communication offered here could be beneficial for a business to improve reach, reputation and potentially even rankings.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is not only a place for amazing architecture and outstanding weather, it is also one of the main business capitals of the world. Due to the increase in jobs and office spaces becoming available across the city, there are plenty of opportunities to set up your business here. As the economy continues to improve, it is also an opportunity for you to capitalise on this and expand your business with employees that can speak the local language. The benefits of offering an international standpoint with local employees will not only offer your business further reach, but it will also provide the area with jobs which will help to provide a good reputation and, with any luck, potential business.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has plenty to offer in the world of business, with multiple companies, and in particular start-ups, already operating here. However, it’s also a competitive city so it’s important to ensure that you are breaking into a market that isn’t already overly saturated! This will help your business to stand out amongst the crowds providing you are offering something that isn’t already available. Germany is a strong country in terms of political power, but Berlin, in particular, is well known for it’s liberal approach to business. This is a city for the young entrepreneurs, so owners of start-up businesses or who are young themselves could thrive here.

Moving your business abroad could be a smart move for those looking to expand, but choosing the right city could be the difference between success and failure. Hopefully, this guide has given you a starting point for your all-important choice.


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