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Having a good team spirit is crucial within an office environment. It is important that everyone works together to ensure that jobs are done and deadlines are met for not only optimum productivity but mental wellbeing too. Without a substantial level of team spirit, the office could become uncomfortable and there could be problems in regard to meeting deadlines and so here, we are going to give you tips for the top five ways to increase team spirit.

Water Coolers

One of the many ways that you can encourage a team spirit is to have a communal water cooler and tea and coffee area for the office. Not only will you provide a meeting point during breaks and a central hub for the entire office, but it can help promote conversation amongst members of your team. It is important to encourage your employees to talk, as this helps to ensure that there is a suitable level of communication and even reduce potential hostility between teams or individuals in the office.

Office Layout

The layout of the office can also have a profound effect on the team and their motivation. An open-plan office helps to promote interaction, as well as ensures that there is open communication between the different teams. It even has the potential to benefit people that are new to the business by getting them involved quickly, rather than leaving them to feel isolated from the offset.

A closed-off, cubicle-clad office does offer an individual, isolated environment and while this may prove beneficial for some companies, creative industries could suffer. Isolation has the potential to stunt growth as well as make individuals feel alone and uncreative no matter how creative the environment may be otherwise.

Encouragement And Praise

It is important to encourage and praise your employees where it is needed, as this will help them to feel valued. If your team members are working long hours but do not feel as though they are being rewarded, this could lead to the team feeling demotivated, unproductive and even lead to a higher staff turnover. If you offer praise for when someone achieves or when a team meets a deadline, this will help to keep the team motivated and bring everyone together. If this is not the case then you could run the risk of staff being unhappy and looking to leave, which could cause you potential problems due to staff shortages.

Organise Outings

Another way that you can keep the team feeling motivated and happy is to organise outings with the whole office throughout the year, as well as holiday events, like a Christmas party at the end of the year. Even if the entire office is not able to attend, this will encourage members of the team to not only interact with each other at the outing but talk about it for a long time to come after and build relationships in the meantime. This could also have the potential to break the ice between the heads of departments and the other employees as they will be able to communicate with them in an informal setting.

Keeping the team working together is crucial if you want your business to succeed. It is important to ensure that every member of your team understands the value of communication and feels comfortable in the workplace as this will help to increase productivity.

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