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Whether you have been running your own website now for a large amount of time or have only just started, there are many different ways that you can achieve the outstanding SEO that your website needs to compete in the digital landscape. Whether you opt for help from an experienced agency’s SEO services or are going to try it yourself, boosting SEO for your business has never been more important. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can boost your SEO in 5 simple ways.


If all the content featured on your site is optimised with the most search keywords and they are all relevant with the text that you are writing then this will help to improve your overall SEO ranking. In order to avoid being hit by penalties that can come from content appearing as spam within Google’s algorithm, it is important to ensure that you are using the relevant keywords within the content. It is also important to ensure that all content on your site is completely natural and focused on providing your site visitors with valuable, informative content as opposed to including a high density of keywords.

Mobile Optimisation

Due to Google beginning to roll out mobile-first indexing it is now more important than ever to ensure that you have a website that is not only optimised for desktop but also for mobile content. This means that your site is able to load quickly on mobile, UX is phenomenal and that the entire mobile site looks and runs seamlessly. This will help to ensure that your site is favoured by Google’s Algorithm, further helping to increase the ranking of your website. Integrating techniques which encompass new technologies such as voice search can also help to give your site SEO brownie points.

Engaging Page Titles

Each of your page titles should be engaging to encourage your target audience to click onto the page, while also informing them what that particular page is about. A page title not only needs to be short and snappy but it also needs to be relevant as this is the first thing that users and Google bots will see when looking for your product or service. If your page titles are also keyword optimised, this will help to boost the rankings of your site.

Faster Loading Speed

If the overall loading speed of your site is slow you are more likely to have an increased bounce rate as the average internet user clicks off after 5 seconds of the webpage not loading. It is therefore imperative that your site loads quickly in order to keep your users engaged. Alongside this, site speed is becoming an important ranking factor, and with the focus on mobile-first, ensuring that your site’s speed is fast enough to please both visitors and Google is imperative.

Improved Backlinks

The better your backlink profile the better your SEO Ranking will be.With a large number of companies having backlinks pointing to their site from old-school SEO techniques which focused on quantity as opposed to quality and relevancy, ensuring that your backlink profile is cleaned up and only relevant links are pointing to you will help to boost your site’s authority in SERPs.

Although SEO is important to the success of a website, it is among many contributing factors that can help to secure business prominence in the digital landscape. When partnered with a social media campaign and other forms of marketing you are almost certain to successfully boost your standings within Google.

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