Open plan office with light coming in from window

#1 Open Space

The lack of cubicles and partitions in an open space office and the desks arranged in clusters or rows really encourages and improves communication between staff and departments within the office. This is incredibly beneficial as it increases the rate that decisions are made and work efficiency. What’s more, due to there not being any partitions, it is an affordable layout and the natural lighting that is created means that less artificial lighting is required.

If you decide to use this layout, you will want to ensure that you still include meeting rooms for meeting with your clients and employees. Quiet rooms are still important for private discussions and phone calls.

#2 Team Clusters

By creating team clusters in the office, it eases communication even more and makes the workflow more efficient. This layout is ideal for companies that have a number of teams that have varying roles, such as finance, content, social and design. Once again, it is still important to have meeting rooms for communication between different teams. Kitchens and other social rooms are ideal for social interaction between employees.

#3 Private Rooms

Private rooms are ideal for employees that have one-on-one meetings or who do confidential work, such as legal firms. By having your own room, employees can decorate and arrange them exactly how they want, which allows them to concentrate and work the most efficiently. Additionally, they provide a private, quiet environment, which is why this office layout is so popular.

Similarly, social rooms, such as kitchens and hallways are required in order to create a social aspect to the office and ensure that no one is isolated.

#4 Cubicles

A very common office layout is cubicles, which come in different designs. This layout is ideal for big companies with individuals that require privacy, such as telemarketing companies. If you are going to utilise this layout, it is vital that you don’t make the cubicles too small or fit too many in as this can create an unpleasant, noisy working environment.

#5 Co-Working Space

Co-working space provides a spacious and relaxed environment for employees to work in, due to the open yet comfortable layout. This is ideal for small companies, startups and freelancers, due to the environment being tranquil. Sofas, comfortable chairs and a modern-style space are really helpful for employees to focus better and feel less stress-free.

Hopefully, these office layouts have given you inspiration for the design of your workspace, so you can increase work productivity and communication but maintain a professional environment. Carefully think about your employees and the type of business you are in order to choose an appropriate design for your office layout.