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Digital marketing is a vital method for not only drumming up business but to also engage with existing customers as a way to encourage return business through personalised promotions and other materials. The digital marketing industry is a competitive one, therefore it is important to ensure that it is done effectively to give your company the best possible chance within ever-changing markets. Here, we are going to look at telemarketing in particular and how it can help to make your business a success.

What Is Telemarketing?

For those that may not already know, telemarketing is a more traditional form of digital marketing that is done over the phone. This is used to sell people goods and services directly to an existing client or to potential clients whose information may have been available through third-party companies. This can be beneficial for a business, as most clients tend to want to make deals with an actual person compared to an online quoting system and for existing clients, it can bring attention to new products or services they may otherwise have missed. With companies out there offering the opportunity for outsourced telemarketing services, it is now easier than ever to implement this into your marketing campaign to better enhance the business to customer relationship.

Does It Still Work?

Many companies still use telemarketing alongside a successful marketing campaign as it is a simple way to get someone’s attention and ensure that you can secure the return business, however, there are a few issues that modern telemarketers could face. Telemarketing is successful as it grabs the client’s attention and allows you to deliver the information clearly and efficiently, which is not only a benefit to the client but to your business.

However, the recent GDPR changes have increased privacy for clients, making the access to information and the necessary permissions a little more complicated. Just like email marketing, clients have to be given the chance to opt out of telemarketing calls which, while just one restriction, is an undeniably significant one.

How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Regardless of GDPR changes, there are still benefits for businesses and clients alike when the permissions and relevant privacy policies are in place. Telemarketing can benefit your business through helping you to expand and reach a new target audience where possible. If conducted properly and within regulation, alongside an effective social media campaign, it can be used to further the presence that your company has. If you are marketing your products or companies directly to the client, you could be more likely to convert a sale through the personalised approach, perhaps giving it an edge over other traditional digital marketing campaigns.

Besides simply pulling in sales, however, telemarketing also has another benefit – it allows businesses to answer any questions or concerns that may not have been answered previously, which is not only beneficial for the clients, but for the business too. Companies can learn what needs to be explained, clarified and what could be put into FAQs on their website, while clients are being given the information they need from a trusted source with the most up to date and accurate information available.

Telemarketing is still very prominent in business marketing and takes place each and every day. If implemented properly and within new GDPR guidelines, it can effectively help to ensure that you have an efficient amount of customers both returning and new to keep the business moving along nicely.

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