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Creating a successful SEO campaign can be a challenge, with plenty of factors to consider as well as having to fit specific elements within a budget it can become incredibly taxing, but could the use of social media make SEO even easier? Here we are going to look at whether or not SEO and social media can work hand in hand to create a successful marketing campaign.

Social Media And SEO

In years past the powers that be at Google have confirmed that there is no direct link between the amount of social media engagement and your website’s ranking within Google SERP’s. This was also backed up by data that was presented which showed that it was a large amount of organic traffic that lead to increasing a website ’s ranking, not social media. However as technology has developed and the use of social media has continued to grow, so too has the influence that social media has had on overall SEO ranking.

In recent years, there has been a large amount of evidence to suggest that social media is having more of an effect on the SERP rankings. This is something that will influence SEO as there seems to be a direct correlation between the two elements. With social media platforms such as Facebook having a direct effect on the rankings that you are seeing.

As the use of social media continues to increase, so too does the effect that it is having on the way that people interact with your site. Studies have shown that this is slowly beginning to increase, with some suggesting that mobile first indexing and direct links could lead to this slow increase that is beginning to emerge. Although this information does not definitively conclude that social media is aiding the success of an SEO campaign, there is a reason to believe that there are early signs of influence beginning to emerge.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

Although there is only minor evidence to suggest the early signs of change, there is still time for this to steadily increase and there could be a reason to suggest a change to the way that SEO is handled moving forward. By integrating social media within an SEO campaign it could produce substantially different results to those campaigns that have been left out. It is important to consider the purpose of the social media platform that you use, as this can be detrimental to the target audience that you are trying to reach. Although social media platforms are open to everyone to use, there are some social media platforms that are better suited to specific target audiences. With platforms such as Linked in and Twitter allowing businesses and older generation to communicate while Facebook and Snapchat have a slightly younger target audience, there is a specific social media platform for every target audience.

Despite the use of social media within a successful SEO campaign still being heavily disputed within the industry, there is some evidence to suggest that times may be changing and social media may be having more of an effect on SEO and overall audience interaction.

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