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As we begin to rely more and more on technology within our everyday lives, it’s vital that you are aware of the importance of keeping your own personal data safe when living and working within the digital age. As technology rapidly expands, there is increased demand for sufficient software development to act as the first line of defence for our devices to keep internet criminals at bay and ourselves safe. While there are several advantages of the internet, the online world can be daunting, and even more so if your device stores sensitive information such as bank details or multiple passwords for various accounts. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the security methods worth investing in to protect your data.

Anti-Virus Software

The first line of defence for your devices should be ant-virus software. Although it may not be the cheapest of options, it is definitely one of the most effective. Whether you are online or downloading apps, anti-virus software searches the websites that you visit for potentially dangerous downloads or links – including those that you cannot see.

Social Networking

Social networking sites are the main tools used for hackers to steal your identity. When using social media, do not disclose any personal information that may seem valuable and keep your profiles private so that you can control exactly who has access to your account. Personal information such as birthdays, telephone numbers and addresses should also be kept private as this could be easily accessed by anyone who stumbles across your profile.

Cloud services

You should avoid cloud services when you are looking to store or send work or personal information as these services have the potential to be accessed by anyone if not encrypted properly. These services are great when you need places to save your data if you have no room on your device, however, they can be easily hacked by anyone leaving your data at risk from being stolen. Dropbox and iCloud are the biggest cloud services available, but even if you choose one of these services, it’s important to ensure that your data is encrypted beforehand to avoid disclosing any valuable data.

Wireless Services

Wireless services are by far the most important security method you need to be aware of. When you are away from your home Wifi connection and you have no data on your mobile device, your next thought is to connect to an open hub so you can access the internet. It’s vital to stay away from these open networks as they can act as the middleman allowing people access to your device. Applications such as Fire sheep can allow anyone else who is connected to that network to see what you are doing and can steal your personal information in the process. Not only are open Wi-Fi spots are dangerous, but if you leave your devices Bluetooth on, then you are also leaving your device at risk from being accessed from an outside source.

By following the above precautions, you can be confident that your data is protected. Remember that the first line of defence is your common sense, and so you should refrain from visiting websites that are not secure which are easily identifiable as they don’t include ‘https’ in the domain name. Not to mention that you should never access unsecured Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks! Happy searching!


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