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When looking to climb the rankings and boost the online presence of your business, there are a number of avenues that you can opt for. Whether you choose a PPC service or you decide to select the traditional route of optimisation and SEO, it is important to know how effective the service you are choosing is. Therefore, we are going to look at whether organic or PPC traffic outperforms the organic traffic or if a combination of both is the better option for your business.

PPC Traffic

Although it may seem tempting to opt for a PPC option for your site, it may not be the only effective option for your site. However, this style of marketing is an ideal way of ensuring that your site will appear at position one without a longer timeframe.

How Does It Work?

PPC is a sure-fire way to get clicks to your site and help to improve rankings. When signing up to a service such as Google Ads to run your PPC advertisements, you are required to place a certain budget onto the account that you have created. You will then need a small piece of text and keywords that you would like to target. This is then set as your ad and the advertiser will specify how much will be paid per click, meaning that when your specific keyword is searched, your ad will appear at the top of the page.

How Does This Compare To Organic Traffic?

The success of your PPC campaign is independent on the budget that you set for the campaign. This is crucial as it determines the length of time that your ad will be displayed for, which will subsequently have an effect on the amount of traffic that is bought to your site. However, if the competition is also ranking in a similar way, then you could have outstanding results with a smaller budget. Therefore, the PPC campaign is completely dependent on the field that you are running the campaign for as the budget that you are allotting to the campaign.

Organic Traffic

Although this may take a considerable amount of time, organic traffic is a tried and tested way of gaining traffic to your site. Elements such as social media marketing and SEO optimisation are ideal ways to gain traffic from an organic source and do not cost you a penny. This is particularly useful for smaller businesses that don’t have the budget for PPC, as this is a way to climb up the rankings without stretching the budget.

How Does This Compare To PPC?

The results are different depending on the time scale that you are working to. If you are looking for a rapid increase in traffic in a short space of time, PPC may be beneficial for your business alongside a successful campaign to achieve your desired result. However, this level of success can differ depending on the budget. By using a combination of both PPC and optimisation you can ensure that you have longer lasting results, with a significant boost in traffic.

So, regardless of which option you choose, there are a number of reasons why both would be beneficial for your business and help to boost traffic as well as your position in Google SERPS. So, which one will you choose?

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