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As technology has developed over time, so too has the potential outreach of a marketing campaign and the techniques that have the best results. Here, we are going to give you a brief look into how marketing has changed over the years and the results that this delivers.

Traditional Media

Back in the days of traditional media, advertising was very different. With forms of traditional media such as print and television marketing being the most predominant forms of media the way that marketing was negotiated was completely different. In order to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success, you would have to contact the individuals that you have in the traditional form of media in order to have your marketing campaign printed. This was especially true if your company did not have the facilities to print the product themselves, meaning that the channels for marketing and sales were far more limited.


Telemarketing, although still used today, is one of the older practices in terms of marketing. This practice involves teams of people calling potential leads in order to sell them a product or service. This method is one that is still used in the present day, however, it does not have the same results when compared to more modern, streamlined methods. This was beneficial at the time as it allowed the potential customers to get the information they needed directly from the company themselves. Although this may not seem like much, this was a very important step in the marketing process in order to ramp up sales and create lasting relationships between the business and the client.

1991 The Internet

When the internet was first launched by Tim Berners Lee and his team it was slow to take off. However, as the technology around us progressed and new software was written, the potential of the internet began to grow substantially. With the release of HTML 5, the internet has now begun working faster than ever. This is beneficial for marketing as internal hyperlinks can be made to direct users to the right page within the site in just a few clicks allowing for a higher amount of leads to be generated through online content.

The Digital Era

In recent years, digital marketing and marketing, in general, is adapting. With content being uploaded every day and the online world expanding rapidly the digital era has presented new ways to market a product or a service. Whether this is through online remarketing through the use of cookies or email marketing, there is plenty that can be done to boost the awareness of a brand as well as highlight a key product or service you are wishing to sell.

With all this in mind, marketing is ever-changing. With new techniques being developed with differing results there are plenty of ways that you can adapt your team’s marketing techniques to have the best results possible. Enjoy!

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