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For some time you may have been thinking about enhancing your SEO but have never got around to doing it. Therefore, make it your New Year resolution for 2019 and take some steps to improve your search engine optimisation. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this, below.

Consider User Experience

This is vital when it comes to your site ranking. In order for Google to rank your site higher, you need to ensure that you provide the visitors with good user experience. This trend which is deemed as the third most important factor when it comes to ranking will become even more significant in 2019.

Write Engaging Content

The content that you create needs to be relevant and written for the user as opposed to Google. Align your content with the recent algorithm updates and guidelines, to ensure that your site will rank better against your competitors. Include long tail keywords that contain around four words and reach the word count without writing flowery content.

Follow the E-A-T guidelines, by incorporating expertise, authority and trustworthiness into your content. You need to ensure that what you are writing is of high-quality and if it is on-page, write it in a Q&A format to ensure that your user gets everything that they want from your site.

Increase Your Page Load Speed

As you probably know from your own experience, if a page takes a long time to load you are likely to click off before you even reach the site. In turn, this results in your site not providing a good user experience, which doesn’t land a good ranking position. So, how can you increase your page load speed?

You can:

  • Check that the code is streamlined and clean
  • Optimise the size of the images
  • Reduce plugins

Outbound Links

By creating reliable outbound links to sites that will help users to find sources containing relevant information, you can help to enhance your SEO credentials. When you integrate your outbound links into your content, it is important that you do it naturally and ensure that they are helpful. If you add too many outbound links, your content can appear spammy, distracting and for some, difficult to follow.

Call To Action

The whole point of having a site is to engage your users and either get them to buy from you or use your services. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a clear call to action so it is easy for your current and potential customers to get in touch with you. This can be achieved by either posting it on every page on your site, including an internal link in your content, but most importantly having a whole page dedicated to customers contacting your business. This can include your location, Google maps to help clients easily find where you are situated, your contact number and even an email address. The more options you have for your users to contact you, the more interest you are likely to receive.

Hopefully, these tips should help your business to enhance your SEO in 2019 and assist you in ranking higher than your competitors. What will you change first?

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