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In addition to having suitable premises and workspaces, businesses must have a range of appropriate equipment if they are to operate effectively. Companies may require IT systems, office furniture and storage facilities, for example, and they would be unable to carry out vital business processes without them.

Whilst some company equipment may be fairly generic, businesses will also require machinery which is tailored to their specific industry. Print firms may require industrial printing machinery, for example, whereas construction companies may need a range of commercial tools.

Letter folding machines are used across a variety of sectors and are crucial tools for businesses which require them. In addition to providing speed and efficiency, they prevent employees from having to divert their attention to potentially time-consuming unskilled work.

By using letter folding machines, rather than employees, businesses can ensure that paperwork is presented appropriately, in a timely manner and that employees are free to focus on other more laborious tasks.

Running Successful Marketing Campaigns With Paper Folding Machines

Every company needs to advertise and market their services or goods effectively and paper folding machines can help them to do this. Many businesses send regular marketing materials to potential customers and this can result in thousands of letters being posted each week.

A suitable printer and letter folding machine can ensure that these materials are printed, folded and ready to be distributed in a short amount of time. This enables companies to manufacture marketing materials quickly and ensures that they can undertake regular advertising campaigns.

Whilst marketing companies may make use of letter folding machines, many businesses have a distinct marketing team or department. This means that businesses across numerous industries can benefit from having a letter folding machine in-house, alongside other types of office equipment.

Of course, not all marketing activity takes the form of a standard letter. Many firms aim to grab a potential client’s attention but delivering a unique mailshot. Pop-ups, vertical standing paraphernalia and 3D advertising materials are all used by marketing personnel as they can have a greater effect when compared to standard letters.

Clearly, it would take an inordinate amount of time for employees to craft these items alone. Even printing them via industrial equipment and using employees to fold the marketing materials would require hundreds of staff and numerous resources.

Large scale paper folding machines, however, can fold bespoke marketing materials extremely quickly. With many machines able to process documents at a rate of 200 sheets per minute, companies can successfully fold thousands of documents within a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, using a letter folding machine with various folding options ensures that companies can modify their marketing materials according to specific campaign requirements. A parallel roll fold or barrel fold, for example, allows companies to deliver unique marketing content but won’t use any additional in-house resources.

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What Else Can Letter Folding Machines Be Used For?

In addition to being used to facilitate marketing communications, letter folding machines have a variety of other uses and are often seen as crucial pieces of office equipment. If businesses need to contact existing customers quickly, for example, they may need to send hundreds of thousands of letters out.

As companies are required to notify customers of changes to their terms and agreements or updates about their service, they may need to print and send these letters on a result basis. An average consumer, for example, may receive letters from banks, building societies, insurers, mobile phone companies, internet providers and pension firms. Often, these letters will be generic in nature and simply inform the consumer that their policies are due for renewal or notifying them of changes to an interest rate, for example.

When using a letter folding machine, companies can ensure that these documents are ready to be sent out quickly and without delay. As companies may sometimes need to contact existing customers urgently, it’s vital that businesses have access to an efficient form of document management.

If a company needs to notify customers of a product recall, for example, it’s crucial that they are contacted as quickly as possible. Requiring employees to fold the relevant letters would obviously take far too long and may put consumers at risk if a faulty product has made it to the market. Industrial office equipment, such as a letter folding machine, ensures that businesses are able to get information to potential and existing customers as quickly as possible.

Whilst many businesses use digital forms of communication, this hasn’t negated the need for in-house letter folding machines and equipment. Due to security concerns, many companies are still required to send certain correspondence via postal mail, rather than email. As a result, businesses still need to facilitate the production and management of vast amounts of letters.

Can Specific Industries Benefit From Letter Folding Machines?

Whilst any business can benefit from the use of a paper folding machine, there are certain industries which may have a bigger need for this type of equipment. Printing companies, for example, may print and fold thousands of items a day and this clearly requires the use of paper folding equipment.

Brochures, greetings cards, itineraries and pamphlets are all ideal for paper folding before being delivered to the recipient, and a letter folding machine ensures that this can be done quickly and with precision.

Similarly, the medical industry relies heavily on paper folding equipment and most pharmaceutical manufacturers require access to reliable letter folding machines on a continuous basis.

Every time a consumer purchases or is prescribed medication, they will receive a pamphlet with information about the medication and the dosage instructions. This document contains important information, such as potential side effects and interactions, so they must be placed alongside most medications.

Large production companies may produce millions of consumer products each week, which means that the same amount of medical documents must be produced. In order to keep the size of product packaging relatively small, these pamphlets are often subject to a specific folding method. It would be impossible for this to be carried out in such a large volume by employees, so paper folding machines are used.

Whilst specific types of companies may rely more heavily on letter folding machines, they are regularly used by businesses across a number of industries. Known for increasing efficiency and productivity, letter folding machines can reduce a company’s reliance on other resources and provide a cost-effective solution to document management.

Choosing The Right Letter Folding Machine For Your Business

When selecting office equipment, you’ll need to determine what your business requirements are. Letter folding machines are available with various specifications so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Desktop letter folding machines, for example, may be ideal for use in a home office but larger companies may require more substantial equipment. In addition to this, some models offer basic folding patterns, whereas more advanced machinery offers numerous folding patterns.

If you simply require a letter folding machine to manage standard letter production, a basic model may meet all of your needs, but if you plan to produce a range of products or marketing materials, you may need to invest in a high spec machine.

Similarly, it’s important to consider whether you’ll be using standard gsm paper or a range of paper and card. The thickness of the paper you plan to use will determine which type of paper folding machines are most suitable so it’s important to consider this before making your purchase.

In addition to this, you need to decide how quickly you want your letter folding machine to manage documents. The most basic models offer speeds of approximately 30 sheets per minute but higher spec machines can easily manage 200 sheets per minute.

By identifying your business needs, you’ll be able to determine what type of letter folding machine meets your requirements. Whilst any letter folding machine is likely to deliver increased efficiency when compared to using employees to complete document management tasks, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right equipment for your business. In doing so, you can access a cost-effective solution to document management and enable your business to benefit from increased productivity and faster turnaround times.