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Moving abroad for work, to retire or simply to enjoy a new location and lifestyle? It’s an exciting time but no doubt you have a lot to plan and action in the coming weeks. High on your to-do list will be finding a reliable and cost-effective international removal firm or shipping agent.

This is a crucial decision. Transporting all your precious belongings from one house to another is rarely straightforward. But you are facing the additional stress and cost of knowing that your furniture and valuables are going overseas, and into unfamiliar terrain.

You want your own furniture, clothes and other personal belongings with you as quickly as possible – safe and in one piece – without racking up high charges. You don’t want to find yourself without your familiar and comforting things for months on end while you settle into your new home.

There are many international movers and international shipping agents to choose from. So how do you know which is the right one for you?

We have produced this guide to moving abroad, to help you to plan. It will also give you tips on sourcing relocation services, international movers and shipping companies.

How To Move Personal Belongings Abroad

Most removal companies handle ground-only transport, so your choice is even wider if you are relocating to somewhere in the UK.

However, if you are moving abroad, you need a removal company that specialises in international projects. This sometimes means they take your belongings and hand them to a partner freight-forwarding company. Then another partner picks up the shipment at the destination country and delivers it to your new home.

You could also pack up your belongings into shipping boxes and use an international shipping agent to deliver them. You would then need to arrange collection or delivery of the boxes to complete the last leg of their journey.

How much you are taking – and to where – will dictate whether your belongings will go by air, sea or land. There is also the question of deadlines for your move abroad, and how urgent it is to get your items to their new destination.

The good news is that a professional international relocation service – or specialist international removals company – can talk you through the options. They will help you each step of the way to find the best and most cost-effective plan for your move abroad.

Boxes ready for international removal

Tough Decisions When Arranging International Removals

When planning a move abroad, one of the first steps is to do an honest appraisal of what you really need to take with you, and what can stay behind.

It is a tough part of the process, but it is really important that you only take what you will absolutely need when starting a new life abroad. That way, when you do get prices from international moving companies, they will provide quotes for moving abroad based on an accurate assessment of the size and contents of the load.

If you are using international shipping companies, they may charge per crate or per proportion of the container. Therefore, you need to know just how much you can take with you, and what it weighs in some cases, to work out prices and get quotes from specialist international moving companies.

Storage And International Moving Services

Incidentally, some international removals companies offer storage facilities too or can recommend the best storage facility in your area. This is where you can keep belongings temporarily in preparation for the move abroad.

International movers can also often help you to find long-term storage facilities. This could be valuable if you want to keep larger and more expensive items safe just in case you ever decide to move back to the UK from abroad and is something worth keeping in mind when arranging relocation with international moving companies.

Finding International Removals Specialists

Finding cheap removals for moving abroad from expert and reliable international shipping companies is possible – especially using our handy price comparison system. However, you also need to make sure the company you use specialises in international shipments of personal belongings.

You don’t want to find – right in the middle of an expensive and complex move abroad – that shipping your personal effects to your new location hits major hurdles, or that hidden costs and extra charges trip up your move abroad. It is possible to find cheap removals, without having to compromise on reliability.

Be sure that the international movers you choose have experience of the country you are moving to. You need to find cheap removals services, that are also professional and knowledgeable. At Cost Compare Limited, we can provide you with all of the information you need when it comes to booking with international shipping companies.

Valuable Item Relocation Services

Have you got particularly precious, fragile or highly valuable items in the load?

Talk to your international shipping company about how best to package these things to keep them safe in transit.

If you are using one of the many specialist international removal companies we can quote on, speak to them about this topic. They may well be able to package your valuables up for you, in specialist materials and cases, to be sure that everything arrives undamaged.

Just a quick note on electrical items too, which many international removal companies will have restrictions against. There is no point in paying for these to be shipped abroad using an international moving service, only to find they don’t work in your destination country. Do some research on such issues as voltage, frequency and socket design.

If you are using an international relocation service, they can advise you on issues such as this as well as the best way to get fragile items to their new home.

Cargo, freight and air international removals

Keeping Costs Down For A Move Abroad

Relocating to a new country is a considerable investment, so you will no doubt need to know how to manage a move abroad on a budget. Finding international removal companies that can cater for this is important.

The further in advance you can plan the process of transporting your belongings abroad, the better. For example, sending items in a container – using a specialist international shipping firm – can be a highly cost-effective option. However, this may well mean that your personal items are on a ship, and if could take weeks for the consignment to reach your destination.

If getting your personal belongings quickly to your new home is the most important thing, then sending them by air is speedy but will also cost more.

It is worth emphasising that an international relocation service can help you every step of the way, including guiding you through the different options for international removal services.

Their experience and insights will take a lot of the headaches and worries off you, and ensure your move abroad is error free. However, international relocation services do charge for this level of support and advice.

If you decide to do all the relocation services arrangements yourself and deal directly with international movers or shipping agents, that will keep costs lower.

Make The Right Choice When Choosing International Movers

This guide has provided a general overview of some of the things to consider when moving abroad to make sure your belongings arrive safely, and on budget, without too many worries.

The costs involved depend on a lot of things, such as how much you are taking with you when moving abroad, and the destination and chosen method of international transport. Costs could also depend on things like weight or size of your boxes and belongings, and the particular local customs regulations and charges in your destination country.

Finding a reliable, specialist international relocation or removal company will make all of this easier than it might appear. Their advice will cover a lot of the questions and concerns you may have at this stage.

The best way forward is to get a general idea of the costs involved with the sort of international moving services you think you will need.

At Cost Compare Limited, we have provided an easy and worry-free way of doing that. Using this website you can get comparison quotes from different international removal specialists.

Armed with this valuable information on the most cost-effective ways to handle a move abroad, you can then choose the partner company who you feel can provide the level of international removals service that you need.

Use our comparison service to take a big step forward in making your move abroad.