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In many businesses, a franking machine is an integral part of office administration. These machines are able to quickly and easily stamp an official mark upon a letter or parcel to indicate to the postal service that the postage has already been paid or won’t need to be paid.

A franking machine is a great way of saving both time and money when it comes to your postage costs. It can be expensive sending mail through the traditional way. Not many people realise just how much of a difference a franking machine can have in their operations, and don’t completely understand how it works either. It isn’t confusing or complicated, but it is cost-effective – which is why you need a franking machine for your business.

How Do Franking Machines Work?

Quite simply, most franking machines have an inbuilt weighing scale. When you place your mail item on the franking machine, it will measure the exact weight to ensure you won’t be overpaying on your postage. You can then select whether you want the mail to go through a particular service or size. Through the franking machine buttons and screen, you are also able to add a business message to your mail. For example, this could relate to your opening hours during a Christmas period or could relate to a message of thanks. It might be a seasonal greeting, or something noting that the parcel is urgent/fragile/personal.

Once you have made all your selections, the franking machine will calculate automatically what the postage should be. It will also take into account the discounts available via Royal Mail for those using franking machines. Next, you insert either the envelope or printing label in the printing slot on the franking machine. This will then be processed, ensuring your mail is franked with the correct date, company logo or message, postage cost, and unique code. Depending on your service, your mail is now ready to be collected or posted from your nearest Business Posting Box or your local post office. It doesn’t get quicker or simpler than that.

Although the exact workings of each franking machine will vary depending on which model you work with, franking your mail can be an affordable and efficient way of processing your mail without hassle.

Best Prices For Franking Machines

Although the initial outlay for a franking machine can make it seem like a more expensive option, when you are processing mail in bulk it soon works out to be the best option available, with costs being offset by the savings made.

The Royal Mail now offers Mailmark® technology for franked mail. This is the latest and most efficient type of franking mark available to users and involves a machine-readable 2D barcode. It is now superseding the more commonplace ‘crown and town’ die. With Mailmark® franking, users are able to access the lowest prices available for Royal Mail franking products and services.

Thanks to the automated technology and efficiency this new service provides, you will be able to access automatic pricing updates. This means you will never be charged over the odds for your mail and will also be able to save valuable business time. Thanks to progress in the mail service, you will also be able to continuously access the new products and services being released to Mailmark® franking customers on a regular basis.

Is Franking Right For You?

Franking machines can be a valuable asset to many businesses. If your office mails out anything – whether that is catalogues or brochures, marketing flyers or invoices, bills or letters – you may want to consider franking as an in-house, self-service, time-saving and cost-effective solution for your mailing needs. It doesn’t matter how big your company is, what your mailing requirements are, or how much you typically spend each month. There aren’t any restrictions in place for the minimum or maximum postage volume.

Typically, franking machines will have the greatest impact on organisations that send mail out on mass, largely because of the cost savings they will appreciate. However, it is equally suitable for small business and sole traders. It will enable you to communicate effectively with your customers, no matter what you mail out to them.

Franking Machine

What Are Franking Machine Prices?

Once you have decided on using a franking machine for your business, you will then need to consider whether you lease or purchase a franking machine, as franking machine prices can vary. They can cost anywhere between £1,000 to over £20,000 depending on the model, functions and investment potential. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find franking machine prices for you. If this is too much of an up-front expense, you can also hire them out for your office, paying a monthly equivalent to the full price of the equipment.

What makes the machines expensive is their ability to stamp, seal and stack hundreds of letters per minute. Cheaper models will do much less in a slower time frame. The difference can be vast in how effective and productive they are, as well as the impact it can have on franking machine prices.

You’ll also need to keep in mind the additional ongoing costs to running a franking machine, including the extra electricity and replacement print cartridges. You will often be able to cover these costs through the savings made in sending your mail in a much more efficient way. Even with a modest amount of mail each week, you will soon see a result.

In fact, on first- and second-class post, using a Royal Mail approved franking machine can help to save you up to 34% on your post. This can be a significant saving over a period of time – especially if you are reliant on sending out mail as part of your core business strategy and operations.

With hundreds of franking machines available on the market, it can be challenging to know which to opt for or what the best prices are. That’s where Cost Compare Limited is able to help you – with us, you are able to save up to 65% on the purchase price, plus money and time spent searching. We speak to the most trusted companies and provide you with proven results in return.

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Once you’ve got your franking machine set up, you will be able to save yourself additional money on stamps, track postage and mail easily and quickly, plus identify your mail with professional branding that will help you stand out from the crowd. At Cost Compare Limited, finding the best franking machine cost to suit your budget.

Franking Machines Save You Money

Quite simply, franking machines help to reduce your overhead costs and with our help, you can discover the most appropriate franking machine cost for your business. You no longer need to spend time relying on manual stamping, sealing and stacking with your mail items. In a busy office environment, your franking machine will take this responsibility on and save you time. As with most things in life, the more you spend on your franking machine, the greater the opportunities it will offer you. We understand how important this can be, which is why we make it so easy for you to compare different brands and models. When they vary so much in price, it is important to know which is best and why.

Preparing Your Mail For Being Franked

One of the key ways to save time and franking machine cost is through franking your mail correctly the first time. If you avoid large letters, this can be beneficial. Additionally, avoid sending mail to international destinations that have been franked as though it is being sent within the UK. Before you frank anything, it is important to check the size of your mail and that it is being processed correctly.

You may find it helpful to print the mail sizes out and pop them beside your franking machine. It may also be beneficial to have a separate tray for UK and international mail to help keep them separate. This will stop mail being accidentally franked incorrectly.

You should also ensure all staff are trained on how the franking machine works, along with the different mailing sizes. This includes new staff and temporary leave cover staff. Otherwise, it can start to become expensive when mail is franked incorrectly.

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