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Known throughout the industry as EPOS systems, an electronic point of sale system is a must-have unit for successful, modern businesses. Whilst an EPOS system calculates sales and issues receipts, similar to a traditional till or POS system, it has many more features and offers businesses numerous advantages.

An EPOS system is far more advanced than a traditional POS system, and can be used to store customer information, manage inventories and even to facilitate stock and sales reporting. With a wide variety of features and numerous specifications, an electronic point of sale system can be used in almost any type of business and provides companies with the tools they need to increase profitability.

Using An EPOS System To Provide Customer Service

If you’re running a retail business, providing efficient customer service is critical. Often, consumers decide where to shop based on the level of service provided and, ultimately, this can have a direct effect on your revenue. Using outdated POS systems can slow down the level of service you provide and you may risk losing customers to your competitors. When using an EPOS system, however, you can provide a fast, reliable and efficient service to your customers.

Similarly, companies operating within the service or hospitality sector will need to provide a high level of customer service to patrons, particularly if they want to encourage repeat custom. An EPOS system enables these types of businesses to process orders quickly and have them relayed to the bar or kitchen instantaneously. As a result, customer waiting time is reduced whilst customer satisfaction is increased.

Whilst this efficiency benefits each individual customer, it also increases turnaround time and enables businesses to cater for more patrons in the same timeframe, thus increasing revenue.

In addition to this, an electronic point of sale system is extremely reliable and will ensure that prices are entered into the system correctly. When cashiers or assistants are required to input prices by hand into a till, there is always the chance that human error will result in an unbalanced till at the end of the day and, as a result, you could lose profits.

With the reliability of EPOS systems UK, however, you can be sure that customers won’t be over or under charged and that stock will be sold at the correct price.

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Accurate Stock Management

For retail businesses, it’s vital to have access to up-to-date stock information. By having access to an accurate inventory, store managers can determine when to order more stock or can set up an automated stock management system.

Of course, stock management via an EPOS system provides much more than this. Staff are able to use the latest stock information to determine which products are selling well and which items aren’t. The impact of in-store promotions, discounts and sales incentives can also be accurately monitored within an EPOS system.

As any retailer knows, inaccurate stock management can have a disastrous effect on business operations. With an EPOS system, however, retailers can ensure consistent levels of stock and access sales data in order to identify the most profitable products.

Choosing The Right EPOS System

An EPOS system is comprised of hardware, EPOS software and peripherals. As EPOS systems UK can be fully customised to suit your business, you’ll be able to choose to hardware which is most applicable to the type of service you need to provide. With various combinations, you can select the right options for your company, although certain types of businesses may benefit from specific devices.

Restaurants, for example, often prefer to input data via a touchscreen. This ensures that a customer’s order can be input quickly and notes can be added if a special order is made. In addition to this, waiters and waitresses can carry portable devices to each table in order to place an order straight away, rather than having to handwrite an order and input the details at a stationary computer.

Alternatively, a busy retail store may want to use barcode scanners so that sales can be recorded and calculated quickly. This level of efficiency ensures that customers can be served quickly and it prevents long queues from building up.

Whether you’re operating a service business, a hospitality venue or a retail store, the right combination of equipment can be used to provide a bespoke EPOS software. By identifying your business needs and objectives, EPOS systems UK can be used to streamline existing processes and enhance your operations.

Integrated Payment Systems

In order to cater for customers and encourage sales, you’ll want to facilitate a range of different payment options. Credit cards, debit cards and cash might be the most common ways for customers to make a payment but there’s also gift vouchers and cards to consider.

An EPOS system can be integrated directly with credit card payment systems and this can reduce the processing time when it comes to card payments. If your brand offers gift cards or vouchers, these can also be included in your EPOS software so that payment via these methods is quick, efficient and reliable.

EPOS System

Reliable Reporting Via EPOS

An electronic point of system facilitates swift payments and ensures reliable calculations but it also allows management to access sales reports whenever they need them. Data, such as the day’s takings, can be presented at the touch of a button and this information can be stored as needed.

Business managers often need to access this type of information so it’s important that it’s easily accessible. Whilst most companies record their revenue, an EPOS system allows this information to be distributed to other departments and staff.

The range of data stored on an EPOS till system, for example, can be used to market new products and services and may, therefore, be delivered to your marketing team. Similarly, your accountant or in-house accountancy team can benefit from having access to the latest sales figures.

Whilst an electronic till system delivers efficiency at the point of sale, it also provides benefits to other areas of the business. With every department able to access vital business data, an EPOS till system provides a time-saving form of business management.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer information can be extremely useful to businesses and it can have a direct impact on their bottom line. By gathering data relating to existing customers, you can gain an insight into their purchasing and shopping habits.

In addition to this, customer information will enable you to refine marketing and sales campaigns, leading to better results and increased revenue. Today’s savvy customers, however, can be somewhat reluctant to share information, particularly if they are asked for data in isolation.

In fact, it is at the point of sale that businesses are most successful in gathering customer data and an EPOS till system enables this data to be added to the system quickly and efficiently, without delaying other customers who may be keen to make a purchase or place an order.

With businesses eager to access consumer data whenever they can, having an in-store customer relationship management system integrated within an EPOS system ensures that large amounts of data can be gathered and stored for future use.

Increasing Profits With An EPOS System

Calculating a sale, facilitating a payment and issuing a receipt is necessary for any businesses which sells products, food or drink. This process, however, differs from business to business and some provide a better service than others.

Whilst a customer may expect to be able to pay for a purchase in any store, the speed of service, option of secure payment methods and reliable technology can have a significant impact on their in-store experience.

By using an EPOS till system to manage sales, stock and data, you can facilitate a swift and secure payment transaction and, therefore, a higher level of customer service. With many companies keen to streamline in-house processes and enhance the customer experience, EPOS systems UK can help to achieve your business objectives and increase your profits as a result.