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E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to potential and existing customers. In 2014, it was found that there were almost 11 times more B2B organisations using marketing automation in comparison with 2011, and those who were leveraging marketing automation were seeing conversion rates upwards of 50%. It has also been found that e-mail marketing technology is being used by 82% of B2C and B2B companies, with personalised e-mails driving higher transaction rates by six times. In sending out segmented campaigns, marketers have noted an increase in revenue by 760%, while e-mail has been found to be at least 40 times more effective for the acquisition of new customers than social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Targeted E-mail Lists In The UK

Your subscriber list is of huge value to your business, as these are the people who will be potentially working with your company. They may just look like individual e-mail addresses on a screen, but each one is an individual person with their own money, buying power, interests and attention span. They all also hold a referral value. Through purchasing e-mail lists UK you will be able to get in contact with a wide variety of decision makers and improve your response rates. You’ll also be able to turn them into would-be customers that may, in turn, become repeat buyers, and the best e-mail providers will be able to help with this.

E-mail lists UK aren’t without their challenges, and building engagement from an e-mail list is recognised as being more difficult than using e-mail addresses that have been obtained through mailing list sign-ups. This is because the audience in question hasn’t actively made the decision to be a part of your e-mail list. That being said, if the e-mail you are sending out is high quality, informative and engaging, then you have every chance of achieving quick wins. The biggest thing you need to keep in mind is to not come across like you are sending out spam. If you start getting recorded as being ‘spam’ by people’s inboxes or through their unsubscribes, you risk not being able to send out effective campaigns or being constantly relegated to their junk folder.

One of the greatest mistakes people make when producing e-mail marketing content is forgetting the value it holds for each person on the e-mail list. Just because it is free to send out, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have time and effort spent on the design, layout, content or promotional aspects. Just as you would put budget and energy into a printed leaflet campaign or into a television advertisement, it is very important to do the same with e-mail marketing. This is the best way to get the greatest results from your e-mail list.

Email Listing targeting multiple users

E-mail Segmentation

What users are most specifically looking for when it comes to e-mail marketing is how relevant it is to them, and how personal it feels. People are getting bombarded with advertising messages dozens of times per day, so your content needs to stand out. The best chance you have of catching their eye is with your subject line. This can be the difference between them automatically deleting your e-mail and actually engaging with it. Even once engaged though, you may only have a matter of seconds of their time – and at the most, a few minutes.

Personalisation is a great way of making your campaign matter and is something that many marketers (although not enough!) have really started to grasp the value of. It has been found by Aberdeen that personalised e-mail messages can potentially improve click-through rates on average by 14%, and when it comes to conversions, by 10%. eConsultancy, meanwhile, reports that 74% of marketers have found targeted personalisation to increase customer engagement. Campaign Monitor identified that e-mails with a personalised subject line are more likely to be opened by 26%, while Experian noticed that personalised e-mails deliver higher transaction rates by six times. DMA also identified that e-mails which have been segmented and targeted generate 58% of all revenue. Experian also reported that in 2013, personalised promotional e-mails gained higher unique open rates by 29%, while unique click-through rates were at 41%.

Ultimately, through tailoring your campaign, you can really start to build on your customer engagement. Even though you may gain your initial e-mail list without a great deal of information about the people contained in the list, through putting time and energy into finding out more about them, and through creating engaging and interesting campaigns, you can really start to maximise the value the lists have.

Finding Out More About Your Audience

You may at this point be wondering how to find out more about people when all you have are their e-mail addresses. There are a few key ways. One can be through sending out an introductory e-mail to your company. Through using the analytics software available to you through the best e-mail service providers, you will be able to start to identify people’s locations, what links they are most interested in on your site, and other valuable data about them – such as the best time of day to send out information to people. Additionally, through putting a survey on your site in which people fill out a small amount of information in order to receive a discount code or free gift, you will soon have plenty of people signing up in order to take advantage of what is on offer (as long as the incentive is worthwhile).

There are numerous ways to segment your newsletter list to make it more personalised, including geographical location, age, gender, buying persona, industry or job function (if B2B), seniority level or education level (again, if B2B), their previous purchases or buying frequency, the purchase interests they have shown through links they’ve clicked, content topics or content format (some people prefer blogs while others only interact with webinars), their interest level, changes in buying behaviour, their ranking on a satisfaction index, what stage they’re at in the sales cycle, whether they have referred you on or reviewed your service, if they have abandoned the sales process halfway through, how long they spend on your site or how frequently they visit, and whether they have attended your events and click on your call-to-action buttons – to name just a few of the many different ways. Ultimately, engaging with users consistently, coherently and effectively through targeted and segmented communications can have a huge impact on your return on investment.

Email Marketing

Using The Best E-mail Providers

When it comes to sending out correspondence to your e-mail list, many people choose to either use marketing services or e-mail programs. Some of the most popular and best e-mail providers for newsletters include MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Constant Contact and AWeber. For more traditional e-mails, which can be sent either as an e-mail blast or through personalised subject headers and bespoke content, some of the top e-mail providers (which are also free) include Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud.

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