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A document management system is an on-premise or cloud-based solution for the storage and tracking of digital materials. The impact of technology in the workplace has had a tremendous impact on the way day-to-day tasks are completed, bringing increased automation of systems and operations.

Document Management Software

Reports come in various formats so sorting through digital files might be as hard as manual files. Reliable and efficient document management software does more than reducing your reliance on paper in the office – it reduces your cost of operation, increases your savings and profit margins and improves efficiency. Some critical aspects of an efficient system include storage, indexing, retrieval, compliance, security, versioning, searching, sharing, and integration.

DMS Storage

Whether it’s on-premise or cloud-based storage, the appropriate document management software makes provision for storage of various formats of the files, allowing better searching and retrieval when necessary. The document management software gives storage in the form of a gigabyte or terabyte per user, per month, per upload or unlimited size of files. The pricing of the system depends on the size of your organisation, how many users you have and the specific services you require.

Document Mangement Indexing

Tagging of files with unique search terms enables retrieval quickly. Records are indexed depending on the type of document e.g. invoices may be indexed according to invoice numbers or the purchase order. Indexing varies between companies, and it provides a path to locate the paper file. Softwares have different types of indexes based on date, type of document and department. The better an index system is, the easier we retrieve a document.

Document Management System Security

Some files contain sensitive information such as recipes and drug formulas which means effective document management is imperative. Some document management software lets you protect these files using passwords to ensure their security. The security of data is paramount due to regulation and the risk of information theft. Other services have features such as a vault where sensitive files are archived while others have a specified period with which a shared document is kept and later expires. Safety measures are critical for an efficient DMS.

Document Management Software Sharing

Document sharing among internal and external users is an essential feature of a DMS. A software suited to document management which allows the exchange of various formats via internal and external users is the best. You can password protect your shared files, add an expiry date, add metadata to improve search engine optimisation and keep track of changes made to those files. Some document management software allows previewing of files, so you don’t have to download them.

Document Management Retrieval

Recovery of records is a measure of indexing and storage, which are some of the key purposes of document management. When appropriately stored, documents are available for retrieval. Depending on user access, document retrieval by the right people is made possible by the suitable search criteria. A full-text search enables you to search based on the contents of the document instead of titles and indexes. Other searches based on dates and types of records make retrieval more efficient. Sharing documents among external users with a similar system depends on the size of the files.

DMS Versioning Management

Programs should be able to keep up with the multiple versions of a single file and provide access to a user. Software programs achieve file versioning through many ways. One way is by tracking the changes made and numbering the versions made by each user when sharing. The ability to keep track of changes is made possible by features that enable hashing of files and the saving feature. Auto saves preserves the changes made to files if power outages happen, while hashing is an indicator of alteration to a file’s contents.

Document Management System Workflow

The process by which a file passes through users in an office setup. Different types of workflows exist depending on the creator. An administrative workflow is a rule-based type where the administrator decides which user a document passes through first. Each type of workflow plan has some users who can access the document. Workflow integrated document management systems enable the organization to scale production.

Document Management Software Integration

Various document management systems come with multiple features that allow integration with other accounts. Some programs require integration with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive to enable editing of files. Depending on the editing software your office uses, integration with another system is necessary for editing. Integration not only allows editing but uploading and search tools are tasks easily done with software that is compatible. You should be able to sync your desktop features with the software tools to increase the efficiency of uploading and using tools.

Document Management System

What To Consider Before Buying Document Management Software

Your journey to a paperless office starts when you decide to acquire document management systems that best suits your company’s needs. Given the size of your workforce, the appropriate software improves the efficiency of sharing, storage, archiving, capturing notes and comments, keeping track of the various versions of copies and securing the storage of these files. Some laws govern the storage of data, and every software meets legal compliance. Regulations of records allow archiving of critical business documents for a specified number of years. Certain industries are mandated by the law to control their materials. These include industries such as the accounts, food safety, and medical device manufacturing industries.

DMS Features

Some important factors to consider are features of the software. Of the many features available, among them are cloud management, user-friendliness, mobile applications, file retention, full-text searching, integration with other software, templates for the structuring of storage, offline access, external user support, email help, support and a free trial. Some software providers give users up to 30 days free trial and Android and iOS compatible free mobile applications for on the go users. Users need a software that is simple to set up and navigate when sharing files. A successful DMS offers users the basic functionality of sharing, offline editing tools, tools to create new versions of documents, interaction with external users such as clients and allowing of specific users to access files.

Getting support and customer service for users of their software is critical. Some service providers offer customer service calls, email or chats online to address any issues. Email support is best for those matters that aren’t specifically urgent, but users can schedule phone calls so that they don’t waste time waiting for a customer service agent. Most software providers offer staff training when setting up the software and demos to make the use of the software flexible.

Document Management Compatibility

Ensuring that your software is compatible with your web browser and the operating system is key. Keep your browser updated at all times as this affects the functionality of the software. Some of the products you purchase have features that are desktop-use only so ensure your OS meets the requirements of the software.

Document Management Software Packages And Pricing

Choose a product that lies in your price range. Different companies sell various packages of their software. The kits come depending on your size and other needs. Most companies will offer a specified number of free days trial of their service but their fees per month are quite affordable. The more the number of features, the higher the price of the software. Each package offers users a limited storage, file sharing, templates and support features. If one wishes additional components added to their packages, they should be ready to part with an extra amount of money.

User-Friendly Document Management Software

Adopting a savvy software that improves your efficiency and enhances productivity is what many businesses do, but when the feature-rich service becomes difficult to operate, users can become frustrated and slow down workflow. You need proper education of staff before implementation of the software. The features of the service should be located quickly on the menu, allowing users to perform their tasks with ease. A drop down menu is best for easy access. When employees need assistance, the appropriate buttons for help should be easily seen to guide the user on how to get started or learn the basics. Administration settings should be located on the dashboard too to allow easier access.