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Moving business address and arranging commercial removals can be a very expensive time for a company. One of the main reasons for moving the location of a company is in order to cut down on costs or to use space more efficiently. If this is the case, spending more than you need to on commercial removal services could significantly undermine the savings made by the office moving. So it is extremely important to plan ahead and work out a commercial removals strategy so that you don’t end up being stung by hidden costs.

Of course, you don’t have to be moving the whole office to require the services of an office removals firm. A lot of companies need somebody to take away their old furniture when new furniture is delivered for an office refit. Double check with your incoming furniture firm, as sometimes this is a service they offer when delivering your new goods. You might still need a commercial removals firm for the rest of your unwanted items, but capitalising on the removal services offered by other suppliers will reduce the cost of your office removals.

There are a variety of factors which can all affect and increase the cost of removals. Make sure you plan your office moving strategy in advance and think about your specific needs so that you can choose the company with the best services for you, while offering the lowest cost of removals.

Local & National Removal Services

Bear in mind the location of the firm when choosing which company to use. Local firms may charge more for services which require long-distance movements, and national firms may charge a premium for shorter journeys. Whether you require a local removal company or a movement of your office furniture from one site to another, you’ll be able to find a quote to match your needs.

The Scale Of The Removal

In order to work out an accurate cost of removal companies, you’ll need to have an accurate idea of how many objects you will require removing. Make sure that someone in your company works out roughly how much vehicle space you will need. This way you won’t be hit with hidden costs by underestimating the level of the removal services you’ll need. Knowing the size of the job will also help you work out which company will be able to help you best. Some companies are best set up to accommodate large-scale office removals, and others are just better equipped to deal with office moving on a smaller scale. Understanding the scale of the removal will help to better allow cost of removal companies to remain accurate.

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Removals & Storage

Another factor which affects the cost of removal services is the requirement for storage. It’s not always possible to move objects from one location to another on the same day. Perhaps your business has to vacate one premises before it is able to move into another one, or you are moving into temporary offices and are unable to take all of your equipment with you straight away. In these instances, you’ll need to look at office removals companies which offer both removals and storage services. Storage will increase the cost of office moving, and you’ll need to negotiate the price for this before the move happens if you’re looking to incorporate removals and storage in one. If you have items which need to be given special treatment whilst in storage, i.e. stored at a certain temperature or kept completely confidential, you’ll need to make sure that the company you use is equipped to offer this. It is also worth looking at separate quotes for removals and storage. If you have a large number of items going into storage, it might be beneficial to use a storage facility which offers free collections, rather than a removals company.

Specialist Services

Requiring specialist treatment will undoubtedly increase the cost of removal services, but they could save you money in other ways. If you have valuable or breakable items which you need to be moved, using a specialist firm to help transport these will save you from having to replace or repair them if they were packaged in the same way as the rest of your items and broken en route. If you have a lot of sensitive products, like early prototypes for example, or confidential files which need to be moved, it is worth using a company which specialises in these sorts of services so that they know exactly how best to protect your company’s interests. Mislaid confidential information could cost you a lot more than the surcharge to use specialist removal services.

Environmentally-Friendly Services

Have you committed to reducing your carbon footprint as a company? Are you looking to reduce your environmental impact as well as reducing costs? An office move is a great opportunity to look at how much energy you use as a business and how you could reduce this. The easiest place to start is by looking to partner with an environmentally friendly company to handle your office removal.

Taking the environmentally friendly option will mean that the assets you no longer want to keep will be recycled rather than destroyed. Office furniture can be taken to charity shops or donated to shelters across the country so that it is given a second life once you no longer require it.

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Hazardous Waste

Does your company deal with hazardous materials? If any part of your office removal requires the transportation of hazardous waste products, then you will need to ensure that the removals company you use is equipped and licensed to deal with hazardous waste. This is a specialist service and will increase the cost of removals.

Keeping Down The Cost Of Removals

The factors listed above can all contribute to increasing your company’s overall bill for office removals. However, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to bring down the cost of your office removals. Here are a few tips to help you save money when moving offices.

1. Donate items which are not needed

If you know that there are big, bulky items which you will no longer require, offer them around to employees first. The more furniture you give away, the less space you will require in a vehicle and the cheaper the cost of removal companies will be. Once your employees have taken what they want, contact local charities to see if they are in need of anything which you are looking to give away. They will often send someone out free of charge to collect items if they are currently needed. The more you give away to charity, the less you will have to pay for your office removal.

2. Be ready

Make sure that you know when your removal company will be arriving, and ensure that everything will be ready for them when they get to you. If they have to wait around whilst you get things ready, you could end up being billed for that time. Ensure that furniture is empty and accessible. If you have a few employees around who can help to load the items into the removals lorry, this will save time and could save you money, too.

3. Plan ahead

If you leave everything to the last minute, you are likely to be charged a premium price for your office removals. Plan ahead, picking a realistic date that you know the office can be ready by. If you book far enough in advance, you may even get a discount from the removal company.

4. Shop around

Don’t go with the first quote you are given. Shop around for quotes from as many companies as you can find. This will give you a good indication of the ballpark cost you are looking at having to pay for your office moving. If you have a preferred company that you’d like to work with, ask them if they are able to match the cost of the lowest quote you received. If you have a large job which will bring them a lot of work, they should be willing to negotiate on the price.

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