Our mission is simple - to help your business grow.

Who We Are

Cost Compare is a comparison website for businesses in the UK. We help you to find anything you need, match you with the best supplier and then compare prices so you can find the best deal for your budget. Our service is quick and easy to use, and it is completely free.

At Cost Compare, we have an extensive network of suppliers so you compare the prices of everything you could possibly need for your business. We list a huge range of commonly needed products and services, from photocopiers to website design, on our easy-to-use website. We only work with the highest quality suppliers in each area, which means businesses are guaranteed to find the best products to suit their needs. Our aim is to find all of our users the best deal and make sure that they are satisfied with their purchases.

Our Team

Our expert team understand that every business needs something different, and will do everything that they can to match your business to the office product or business service that you require. We understand that both time and money are highly valuable to business.

Plus, our customer service is excellent. We offer a reliable service that is tailored specifically to suit your business’s needs. If you have any queries during the process, you can contact one of our dedicated customer service team who will help you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Become a supplier

Here at Cost Compare, we currently work with more than 2000 suppliers across an extensive number of office products and business services. This allows our customers a huge number of products to choose from across a great selection of industries, in order to ensure that they find the products and services that they need the most.

Here at Cost Compare, we attract hundreds of users to our site every day – meaning as a supplier for us, you could see a lot of sales coming your way. Find out more about becoming a Cost Compare supplier here.

Contact Us

At Cost Compare, we understand that both time and money are highly valuable to businesses. That’s why our comparison process is so simple. To begin comparing prices across a wide selection of products, simply fill out our online form. The only information you need to know to use our free service is the type of product you are looking for and your budget. Once this information has been entered, we will do all the hard work and provide you with a list of comparisons within your budget range.

After we’ve shown you the best deals available, we can put you directly in touch with your chosen supplier. This ensures that you can personally discuss your order with the supplier so you know you are getting exactly what your business needs. It is important to know that you are never under any obligation to make a purchase when using our comparison services or contacting our suppliers.

We cater to a range of business needs, whether you are making a single purchase or looking to bulk buy a product. Because our suppliers are such highly quality, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and only dealing with suppliers who will deliver a reliable service for your business. We work to review and expand our network of suppliers regularly, ensuring that we consistently offer comparisons on the highest quality suppliers available.

To sum up, Cost Compare helps your business to save time and money by providing you with the latest price comparisons on high quality products and services in the UK.