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Time & Attendance

  • Track behaviour of employees during work hours and break times
  • Tackle lateness and absence before it becomes an issue
  • Link time and attendance systems with payroll services
Time Attendance

We’ve all seen old fashioned clocking in and clocking out systems at the workplace, but today’s time and attendance systems are far more complicated and highly technical. The time when employees start and finish work is only one thing that needs to be tracked in an efficient and productive business, and modern time and attendance systems will now obtain a huge array of information and statistics that can aid you in improving the overall performance of your workforce.

A modern time and attendance system will track everything from lunch breaks, coffee and cigarette breaks and punctuality. This way, if certain members of staff are being continuously late or absent, and your business is suffering as a result, you can deal with problems areas with all the information on hand. You can even track variables such as annual leave or other extenuating circumstances.

Reliable Time and Attendance Tools

Time Attendance Systems

The improved capabilities of time and attendance systems allows you to plan more effectively – easily adding details such as shift patterns and each employees department. If you employ both full time and part time staff, and these employees often work in shifts, a reliable time and attendance system can be the only way to properly track their comings and goings effectively. You will be able to obtain a range of details about the behaviour of your staff while at work, and this information can be used to improve performance.

Of course, lateness or absence on a large scale can mean significant loss in earnings, and this can be detrimental to the overall wellbeing of your business. A time and attendance system makes it easier to track this behaviour and identify problems early, and so you are able to intervene before those issues become large enough to affect the entire company.

How Time and Attendance Systems Can Make Your Staff More Efficient

Time and attendance systems can also easily be linked to other systems such as HR and payroll services, and this can reduce the need for time consuming admin when it comes to taking care of each individual employee. The type of time and attendance system you need depends entirely on the size and nature of your business, and it’s also up to you how much information you would like to glean from your employees. Do you simply need to know when they are starting or finishing work, or also when they are going on breaks?

To help you make the right decision, you may need to compare the costs of various different time and attendance systems against each other. You can do just that with Cost.co.uk, a price comparison service that allows you to find the best time and attendance system for your business. Make the right decision with the comprehensive information provided by Cost.

  • Track staff breaks as well as start and finish times
  • Integrate employee records and shift patterns with your time and attendance system
  • Collect long term information and statistics on staff behaviour