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Telemarketers – the people we love to hate, right? A lot of people simply view Telemarketers as an annoyance, and if they do, it’s because the telemarketers aren’t doing a good job. The reason a lot of people find Telemarketers annoying is because of their unsolicited sales pitches – these days even when people go to the shops they avoid human interaction as much as possible, hence why there are self-serve tills popping up here there and everywhere. If people want something, they go and get it, they don’t need people intruding on their space to try and sell them something, it’s an imposition.

If a telemarketer does their job properly this shouldn’t be a problem. A telemarketer’s job is not, believe it or not, to sell, it is to remind the customer that there is a product they need that they didn’t know about, and that’s no easy task.

There’s no pretending that a telemarketers job is an easy one, but that’s not to be said that it can’t be done and that there aren’t teams of people out there who are excellent at it.

Professional Telemarketers

Professional Telemarketers

Telemarketing is a huge industry and despite the criticism surrounding it, it shows no signs of quelling. The problem with it being such a huge industry is that the companies that hire telemarketers frequently hire people that aren’t skilled salespeople, conversationalists or even trained in telemarketing – because it can be such an unpleasant job it can be hard to find people who are willing to do it well.

However, there are great teams of professional telemarketers out there, they’re just hard to find. It all depends on what kind of approach you want to take with your company.

Chances are you don’t want to outsource your telemarketing team to the Middle East or Africa – it can be quite frustrating for a customer to be solicited by someone who hasn’t got a completely firm grasp of the English language, this immediately breaks down the wall of communication. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, as long as they have strong handle of the language that your target customer speaks, and a persuasive, but fun character.

Where Can I Find These Telemarketers?

Telemarketers with the kind of skills you require cost more. It’s one of those industries where you genuinely do get what you pay for. This having been said, you still want to get the best value for your money, so Cost.co.uk has compiled a huge range of the best telemarketers out there and filtered them with their clever comparison software. The process is simple – just fill in the form and you’re well on your way to finding out the best Telemarketers for you.

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