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You have a beautiful website; you have all the best products; you’ve got a small but loyal base of customers and you’re now hoping to expand but you’re on page ten of Google and you’re just not getting the exposure that you need to build a stronger foundation of customers. This is where SEO companies play their part.

For those of you that don’t know – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the process of improving your website and general web presence so that Google views your site as an authority in your industry.

Over time the formulae that Google has used in its algorithms in order to determine such authority has altered drastically and it takes an experienced team of professionals the majority of their time just to keep up with the adjustments that Google is making.

SEO Companies will often review your situation and then offer you a number of services that can best improve your web ranking.

Ethical SEO companies

SEO Benefits

Over the years, SEO Companies have devised more than one way to change your position on Google, and some of these tactics are more frowned upon than others. Black Hat SEO is the unethical practice of building web ranking through methods than don’t conform to Google’s Guidelines. Alternatively White SEO is provided by SEO companies that have spent time to understand how Google likes to view websites.

The primary criteria that Google likes to see from websites is relevant and well written content; this is easier said than done as the sheer amount of relevant content required would take a long time to develop. The user interface of a website now also plays a large part in how Google reviews your site – the better CTR (click through rates) you have, the better your site ranking. SEO Companies can make sure your site is appealing.

People choose to use SEO companies because they have an understanding of how the system works and can tailor content and code accordingly. A good SEO Company can help you obtain a page one web-ranking by using ethical means, unethical companies might temporarily boost your rankings, but Google will eventually penalise the short sighted work that they put in, so how can you find the ethical SEO companies?

Who Are The Best SEO Companies?

In order to break into the top league of your industry’s competition you need to be prepared with all of the best tools, and in the age of online commerce, your web ranking is desperately important, so you need the best SEO Company working for you. So who are the best SEO companies?

It’s hard to tell who is going to do the best job for you – it’s all very well picking the company that’s at the top of the rankings on Google – but if they’re spending all their time optimising their own site – how much time will they really spend on yours? Cost.co.uk is a comparison site that does all the hard work for you – Cost will source the companies that match your needs to the SEO companies that are most likely to fulfil those needs.

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