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Network Cabling

  • Locate the best Network Cabling for your Company
  • Improve your connections
  • Reap the benefits of better bandwidth speed
Network Cabling

Whether you are an online company or a store based company, the one thing that you’ll definitely be using is network cabling – you may not even know anything about network cabling, but be assured that if you’re operating any above board company, you will be using network cabling.

Network cabling is the cabling that is designed to transmit information from one place to another, via computers, whether they are in the same room or a world apart, the information that passes from one computer to another is likely to be via network cabling. Cables such as coaxial cables, patch cables, Ethernet cables and fibre optic cables are all different types of network cables. Depending on what cables you use depends on the sort of quality that you get; the speed, the quantity, the lack of interference all depends largely on the type of cable you opt for.

If you have internet, card payment, a phone line, a TV, the chances are that, unless you’re completely wireless, that you use some type of network cabling, in your home or at your work.

High Speed Network Cabling

High Speed Network Cabling

When people talk about bandwidth, what they’re really talking about is data transfer, and this is all transferred through public network cabling. The cable that you use within your home or business can seriously alter the amount of data you receive (measured at bits per second); if you use a longer Ethernet cable, it can reduce the speed of your internet; if you use anything below a CAT5 you’re likely to see the results of severely reduced bandwidth speeds. Most homes nowadays use CAT5E or CAT6 Ethernet cables.

If you’re looking to create your own network, or you have a high demand for internet, it is important that you have all the best network cabling provisions at your disposal. For large scale Networks, such as those required in hotels and office blocks, there will often be a room dedicated to network masts which would need reels of network cabling and air conditioning/fans to keep the components cool.

Who Can Provide You With The Best Network Cabling?

Long gone are the days of companies like Nortel who once dominated the telecommunications and internet scene – and whilst their legacy still remains with thousands of miles of fibre optic cables underground, giving us great access to the internet and fast speed telephone connections, the competition is less clear cut now. Sourcing the best network cabling for our local area, our home and our business relies on trusting companies that we’ve searched on Google. Or does it?

Cost offers an effective and informative comparison of network cabling suppliers and allows you to find the people that are providing the best up-to-date resources.

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