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Merchant Accounts

  • Offer customers more choices for payment
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  • Improve sales by increasing customer satisfaction
Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts for your business allow you to accept payments for services and products via both credit and debit cards. Merchant accounts are arranged with your bank or with an independent sales organisation (ISO), and you will then need a payment service provider (PSP). The PSP will transfer customer details to your merchant accounts provider, where it is authorised, and the transaction will then be approved.

When you set up merchant accounts you will have to pay set up and transaction fees, and its worth noting that an ISO will offer more reasonable rates than a bank might. However, most high street banks offer this service, and it’s smart to properly compare rates between banks and ISO’s before choosing your merchant accounts provider. The one you choose will depend entirely on factors such as your business type and your personal budget.

Advantages of Using Merchant Accounts

Compare Merchant Accounts

If you are a trading business, then it’s essential that you choose a reliable and efficient merchant account. Every trading business now deals with hundreds of credit and debit card transactions every single day, so your choice of merchant accounts is one of the most important you’ll ever make. Providing you do this, each payment should be easy and efficient for every customer, and your business will run as smoothly as possible.

Using merchant accounts for your business also means that the customer not only has options for how to pay, but they can also request cash back from their debit card transaction – a common and useful feature to use. It makes shopping much more convenient, and convenience means that customers are much more likely to return to your business and increase sales. Customer satisfaction brought about by merchant accounts can compensate for the fees you pay out in the first place.

How Merchant Accounts Will Offer Your Customers More Choice

Customers respond to choice when paying for goods and services from your business, so merchant accounts are an essential element of your initial plans. You can’t afford to compromise on providing your customers with payment options, and merchant accounts also mean that you can expand your business online. With more and more sales made over the internet, this can also improve the performance of your business, allowing you to accept payment remotely from anywhere at any time.

In order to make the right decision in regard to your merchant accounts, you can use Cost.co.uk to compare prices of various accounts. Our service means that you will be able to make an informed choice, ensuring that your customers will get the absolute best service and you will potentially save money by being able to compare prices before deciding on a particular provider. Use our comparison service today and get the best deal on your merchant accounts.

  • Set up merchant accounts with an ISO or a bank
  • Save on merchant accounts by comparing prices
  • Expand your business and move sales online