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Letter Folders

  • Save time on manual letter folding
  • Add extra features such as envelope insertion
  • Buy automated letter folders for maximum efficiency
Letter Folders

Does your business process a lot of letters per day? It might be useful for you to buy dedicated letter folders to do the job, freeing up your resources and saving money at the same time. Many offices do not have the time or the employees to manually fold an endless stream of letters, so letter folders are designed to get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take by human hand. Because it is an automated process, you won’t have to worry about hiring extra mail room staff and the employees you do have will work more efficiently.

You can buy letter folders in two varieties – manual and automatic – and each model will have a different capacity. Manual machines are most useful for a smaller amount of letters, while you may require an automatic model if you deal with a large volume on a daily basis. Automatic letter folders are ideal for dedicated mail rooms, for example.

Save Time with Letter Folders

Letter Folders Online

Letter folders can help your business to achieve savings in both time and money, simplifying a typically arduous task and freeing up time for your employees to use more productively.

Automated machines are able to deal with a much higher volume of mail in a reduced amount of time, and some are small enough to sit on your desk or on the side of a mail room.

As well as volume, you will also have to consider what type of paper you will be working with, as some non-standard letters, such as with glossy paper, will require you to purchase a particular model of letter folding machine.

You can also buy letter folders with an automatic envelope inserter included, and this means that even more time and resources can be saved. Even though machines with additional features may cost a little more to buy, it’s possible for you to compensate with money saved as a result.

Why Letter Folders Can Increase Efficiency for Your Business

The price of letter folders varies considerably. Factors such as duty cycle and any additional features will determine how much your letter folder will cost, and you have to consider for what you will be using your machine. How many letters do you need folding on a daily basis? Manuel machines are perfectly adequate for small volumes but, for those businesses that deal with more mail, an automated machine is better.

If you wish to compare prices of letter folders of all kinds, then Cost.co.uk offers a service that allows you to do this. Cost.co.uk gives you helpful guidance and advice when choosing the right letter folders for your office, and you can choose between machines based on price, quality and the features each model contains. To discover which letter folders would be right for your business, use our comparison service.