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Franking Machines

  • Save yourself money on stamps
  • Allows you to track postage and mailing activity across your business
  • You can use professional branding more easily
Franking Machine

If your business deals with a high volume of mail, then you’ll be glad to know that investing in franking machines for your office or place of work can save you money. The savings will surprise you as, compared to the price of rising postage rates, Royal Mail approved franking machines can give you significant savings of up to 34% on all of your first and second class post.

They also allow you to track and report on the year’s postage expense – useful when claiming expenses on your yearly tax return. You can even trace activity across different areas of the office, so you’ll never end up overspending by accident. Franking machines are an easy way for you to implement professional branding through your mail, saving money over traditional stamps and saving yourself the time and effort of manually applying stamps to your letters and mail.

Benefits of Using Franking Machines

Franking Machines

You can buy franking machines for anywhere in the region of £1000 to over £20,000, with functions varying depending on how much you spend. You can also rent franking machines for you office, with a monthly payment equivalent to the full price of the equipment.

The most expensive machines are capable of stamping, sealing and stacking up to 300 letters a minute, while cheaper models can only do this for up to 50 mail items a day. This is a vast difference, and your choice depends on your requirements.

Franking machines allow you to automate the process of stamping, sealing and stacking mail ready for postage so, as well as saving you money on postage costs, you will also potentially save a lot of time and resources.

If your company relies heavily on sending mail, then the benefits of franking machines are huge. By investing in a machine outright or renting it for a small amount each month, you could save your business up to 30% on mailing costs, improving productivity at the same time.

Why Franking Machines Can Save You Money

If you are interested in reducing overhead costs for your business slightly, then renting or buying a franking machine could be the right choice. You’ll no longer have to rely on manual stamping, sealing and stacking of your mail items, as franking machines are designed to take this job over in busy office environments. As with many things, the more you spend, the more your machine can do for you.

So you can be sure that you are choosing the right franking machines for your business, Cost.co.uk offer useful comparison between different brands and models. You can compare prices for a whole range of machines – especially important when franking machines vary so much in price. To find out which machine will best suit your business and at what price to rent or buy, use our excellent service at Cost.co.uk.

  • Compare the cost of franking machines to rent or buy
  • Reduce overhead costs for letters and mail items
  • Evaluate different brands and models of franking machine against each other