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EPOS Systems

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EPOS Systems

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and these systems are used by businesses of all sizes. These systems are a common feature of a range of business from retail outlets to restaurants, and boast sophisticated systems which can greatly benefit your business. EPOS Systems work by scanning the bar code on an item or product, and the information in the bar code is sent to the cash till which states the correct price for the item. Many systems also then remove this item from the stock list, so businesses can ensure that their stock record is kept accurate and well-maintained.

The EPOS Systems will then provide the customer with an itemised receipt, which allows them to keep track of their purchases and expenditure, as well as an accurate record if an item needs to be returned. Many businesses also use EPOS Systems to give them detailed financial information such as turnover and profit, making these systems a valuable addition to the business as you can identify profitable stock lines, keep track of stock levels and keep accounts up to date.

Advantages of EPOS Systems

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With this in mind there are a number of advantages of EPOS Systems. As a business owner you can minimise the number of human errors as accurate pricing and billing is guaranteed with every transaction, you can save time and money as transactions are carried out as quickly as possible, productivity and profits can be increased, and your customers’ experience in your establishment can be improved.

EPOS systems are valuable to retailers in helping you to keep well-informed on stock levels and accounts. In large retail outlets these systems can prove invaluable, keeping track of the stock levels for thousands of items and their prices. In the retail environment it is common for special offers and deals to be regularly put in place. EPOS Systems allow you to quickly and easily change the price of an item or run a special offer.

With these systems able to give accurate reporting of sales, the systems can provide you with the vital information which is needed for effective business management. EPOS Systems can also work as an effective marketing tool, helping you to run promotions and run loyalty card schemes. One of the other principal benefits of these systems is speed, meaning your staff can spend time on other areas of the business. Not only can transactions be made quickly and efficiently, but your staff’s productivity can increase too.

How to Find the EPOS Systems for your Budget

With systems of this nature, prices can vary widely from basic systems to bespoke systems which have more sophisticated software. It can cost you valuable time and money searching for the ideal systems at the best price, which is why we offer an efficient service which allows you to easily compare EPOS systems. Our service allows you to compare EPOS systems online quickly and easily, meaning you can spend the time concentrating on your business.

  • Minimise number of errors
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  • Increase productivity
  • Grow profits