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Email Lists

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Email Lists

Email is an incredibly effective means of communicating with potential customers and can be a useful way of distributing information to a broad range of people. Emails can also play an important role in marketing your business and your products to existing customers, as well as finding new ones.

Email gives your business the opportunity to send advertisements and correspondence to thousands of potential customers, broadening your business opportunities and expanding your client base.
With this in mind, having correct, well-maintained email lists can be a valuable asset to your business, allowing you to communicate effectively, quickly and easily with a host of existing and potential customers.

In this modern age, it’s very easy for existing and potential customers to become disengaged if they receive unwanted emails, and if you continue to send emails to customer who do not want to receive them, this can damage your reputation and give out the wrong impression. This is where having the correct email lists in place will help you to avoid sending emails to the wrong clients, as well as helping you make that all important good first impression.

Benefits of Email Lists

Email List Suppliers

There are many benefits to email lists, and it is important to maintain the lists so you can ensure your email and marketing campaign is focussed and targeted to the right clients. Email lists give you the opportunity to keep track of the email addresses which are important in your industry, as well as ensuring that the addresses are current.

People may change email addresses frequently and so it isn’t useful for your business to end emails to unused addresses. Keeping your email lists well-maintained means that you will only be sending out emails to existing email addresses and to customers who will benefit from your emails. Another benefit is that an email list can also offer the opportunity to track the success of your marketing campaign, which can be an important aspect of your campaigns.

How to Find the Best Price for Email Lists

The cost of email lists varies hugely depending on the number of addresses the list contains, as large corporations may have millions of email addresses on file, whereas a smaller business may have a few hundred. The cost of email lists also depends on whether it is based on consumer or business addresses, the industries you are targeting, and whether your provider will be responsible for sending the emails on your behalf. With this in mind, it can be increasingly difficult to find the most suitable company for your email lists.

This is why we offer an efficient service which allows you to easily compare the prices of companies to find the best deal for you. At Cost Compare, we will match you with a number of suitable email lists suppliers and compare their fees, so you can find the company that best suits your budget and the needs of your business.

  • Focus your marketing campaign
  • Advertise to potential customers
  • Organise contacts